Top 10 Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas

Lady Gaga is extremely popular throughout the world and if you’re one of her monster fans then you should consider looking like her this year at Halloween time.

Check out these top 10 Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas

10. Lady Gaga’s Halloween Lace Bodysuit

The great thing about the Lady Gaga lace bodysuit is that it’s all black and you can easily dress up or down with it or just go out looking like that with a wig and sunglasses on. The great news is if you just want to simply go with the lace bodysuit look, you might can find a lace bodysuit that looks like Lady Gaga at places like Wal-Mart or you can pick one up online. I recommend the yellow/blonde wig to go with it.


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9. Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Back in 2009 I am sure that we will all remember Lady Gaga coming out in her meat dress. She won the Moonman award that year for being the best new artist for 2009. She wanted everyone to remember what she was wearing and stand out amongst the crowd when she got award. She achieved just that and to this day, many think about the meat dress. It’s a great Halloween costume and you can easily make one yourself.


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8. Lady Gaga’s Halloween Caution Tape Costume and Wig Soda idea

Do you remember the song “telephone”? The caution tape costume idea comes from that song. If you’re feeling brave then this might be just the one for you to wear this year. All you need to do is just find some bright yellow caution tape that has “do not enter” on it and wrap it around your body plus don’t forget the yellow wig and bright red lip stick. Remember the soda cans she also used in the same video? Either one would be great or the caution tape around your body with the soda cans.


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7. Lady Gaga’s Red Headscarf

Lady Gaga is famous for her red headscarf. This scarf would go great with a black or red bodysuit and glasses. This red headscarf is also very easy to make if you have the correct fabric for it but if you don’t have time to make it then you can find it cheap enough online.



6. Lady Gaga’s Famous Halloween Poker Face Costume

Everyone will know instantly who you are if you wear the Poker face costume! This costume contains a swimsuit plus gloves. The only thing that you might need to find separately is a Lady Gaga blonde wig and some black high heels. Once you’ve got all of that together you’ll be amazed as to how you look just like Lady Gaga.


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5. Lady Gaga’s Red Bad Romance Halloween Costume

The bad romance costume really is a perfect idea for Halloween. You’ll find that it comes with long sleeves and even the red headpiece comes with it. The only two things you might need to find separately includes the wig and shoes. Almost any pair of red shoes would go great with this outfit.


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4. Lady Gaga’s American Flag Halloween Costume

Look amazing and patriotic this year wearing the American flag Halloween costume. It’s extremely easy to put together and within just a few minutes you’ll be ready to go. The most important thing about this costume is the makeup, so keep that in mind if you want to wear this one at Halloween time.


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3. Lady Gaga’s Tuxedo Costume

Put together a great tuxedo costume this year. All you simply need is a black jacket, black pants, black bow tie and a white shirt front. A long blonde and pink wig would go very nice with this costume. Let’s not forget the makeup that you’ll need to wear in order to look extremely scary.


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2. Lady Gaga’s 2011 Grammy Costume

Why not go all out and look like how Lady Gaga did at the 2011 Gold Grammy? Everyone remembers how amazing she looked with her mini skirt and her long sheer just draping down. This costume will never go out of style because of it looking so amazing. It’s not scary but it’s memorable! The hat on this costume really just makes it perfect.


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1. Lady Gaga’s 2010 Grammy Costume

Look completely spacey and totally cool in this spacey singer Halloween costume. This costume is a jumpsuit that has really cool silver sequins on it. The dress almost looks like you’re in a bird cage. When you put everything together you’ll just be amazed at how awesome it looks. What’s so great about this costume is that not only does it look great but it’s so memorable. However, it’s not very scary but it at least looks spacey and awesome! Sometimes that’s even better then looking scary.


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You can check out Lady Gaga’s ArtPop CD and watch the music videos to get some ideas from her latest songs. Her song “Applause” was the number one lead single from Artpop and was a commercial and critical success and was at the top ten around the world. Another one of her most recent hits includes the single “Do What U Want” that was released on the date October 21st, 2013. Currently she’s been doing the ArtPop Tour around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you pick out a Lady Gaga costume from her early years or one from her most current album, the monster fans will go crazy over your Lady Gaga Halloween costume.

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