The 10 Most Searched Celebrities on Google 2013

A large number of people are always in search for some news about their celebrities. In this regard, the searches conducted on celebrities happen to be in the lead. For this reason, this post has been made. For all the celebrity fans in the world, this post is going to be a door opener. Keeping in view the research I have conducted in this regard using a number of sources, some of the most searched celebrity names will really surprise you. The list includes film starts, singers and a number of other people. It is time you prepare yourself for the list that is about to follow. Here are the 10 most searched celebrities on Google 2013.

10. Kanye West

At number 10 we have the renowned American rapper, fashion designer and songwriter. He had received a great deal of applaud since 2001. Another reason behind his fame is his dedication to innovation in the domain of music. The College Dropout which happens to be one of his most successful albums took up him to heights of glory. He has also won a total of 21 Grammy award, thus making him the top most awarded and applauded artists in the world.

Kanye West

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9. Kate Perry

Kate Perry is yet another famous singer and actress. She is amongst those female celebrities who have been able to mesmerize the world with their talents. She had achieved worldwide fame for the first time in the year 2008 which her spectacular hit single “I Kissed a Girl”. Since then, she has been an unstoppable force in the world of music. She was also ranked amongst the highest earning women in music in 2011.

Kate Perry

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8. Selena Gomez

Most people like the fame of this girl to Justin Bieber, but it is all far from being true. It is due to her talents and dedication that she is now ranked amongst the most searched celebrities. She had initially started out from her cameo roles in the Spy Kids series. Starring in many films and making some of the best-selling albums in the world are some of the reasons behind her success.

Selena Gomez

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7. Taylor Swift

Here we have the talented singer and actress, who moved from being a small town girl to the top ranked celebrities in the world. Initially she began with offering a number of top notch and high grossing singles. Since her entry in the world of music, she has been continuously releasing some of the highest selling albums. Many of her albums have been subject to millions of sales.

Taylor Swift

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6. Rihanna

Rihanna is more than just a recording artist and fashion designer. People still fail to grasp the exact number of talents she has. Her album “Music of the Sun” coupled with her top grossing singles have brought in millions of sales. According to some reliable estimates, she has been able to sell more than 30 million albums together with 120 million singles which is indeed a huge achievement.



5. Beyonce

Beyonce, the Houston Girl, had never imagined the amount of fame she will be able to bag. Her debut album was her major breakthrough in the world of music. Since then, she has been extending her success to the field of acting and song writing. Most of her songs revolve around the themes of love, intimacy and women empowerment. For this reason, most of her fans primarily includes females. Till now she has been able to sell more than 70 million albums. That’s not all, she also has 17 Grammy Awards in her name.


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4. Justin Bieber

He was tagged and stigmatized for being over-rated, but he was able to rise above all the criticism. He is not only an amazing singer, but also a talented song writer. The Billboard Hot 100 is often loaded with songs from this teenager. There is also no end to the awards and honours he has been able to receive. With more than 40 million followers on Twitter alone, he is now one of the most powerful celebrities in the world.

Justin Bieber

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3. Kim Kardashian

Talented, successful as well as controversial are some of the words which are often used to describe this powerful celebrity. She had risen to international success in 2010 and since then has remained one of the most searched celebrities in the world. A businesswoman, a model, an actress and a social media celebrity, Kim has been able to make her mark in a small time span.

Kim Kardashian

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2. Drake

At number 2 we have one of the best rappers and songwriter in the world. His albums have been ranked among the best in the world. In short, the guy is a combination of pure talent, artistry and commitment to his work. Although his success has just started, still he has been able to gain the number 2 spot.


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1. Miley Cyrus

Her long tongue is the cause of her success? No. All of her albums have been subject to a large number of sales and consecutive number 1 positions. She has also been ranked as the most chartered and search for teenager. That’s not all, as she was declared as the 2013 Artist of the Year. She is also one of the leading teenage philanthropists in the world.

Miley Cyrus

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