10 Undeniable Facts about the Holocaust

There is no denying of the Holocaust at any level. Some of the historians try to make us believe that were no sort of holocaust but it did happen. For those of you who do not know, it was a systematic and planned extermination of the Jews. However, it is important to note that the Jews do not happen to be the most persecuted nation of the world. The Muslims of Iraq, Lebanon and Syria can also the same about themselves. The thing we should focus on is on how humanity was devastated through these acts of vandalism and inhumanity. Hitler will always be remembered for the person who became the cause of the deaths of millions all over the world. The same holds true for Stalin who was also a mad man. No matter what we might say, millions of innocent Jews had to face the consequences. Here are the 10 undeniable facts about the Holocaust.


10. 1933

It had all begun or at least, on a full scale in 1933. In fact, it can also be said that the planned evacuation of the Jews had begun when Hitler was in Jail. It was in his book “My Struggle” that he had mentioned of a Germany free from Jews. However, the plan had taken its final shape in 1933.

9. Millions

From 1933 to 1945, around 10 to 20 million Jews had been killed in the Holocaust. Hitler’s armies did not even spare the children, old and women which was indeed the greatest of all crimes.

8. Incineration

Historians hold different views about the use of incineration chambers by Hitler’s armies, but as a matter of fact, a large number of Jews were killed in this way. Some holocaust deniers assert that all facts related to the Holocaust are merely exaggerations.

7. Children

More than 1 million children were killed during this time when Hitler came to power. It is important to ponder that most of the strongest nations of the world in those times lacked the will and courage to stop this execution. It is said that the Allies had stepped into the war not to save Jews, but for their own strategic purposes. Naming strategic attacks on countries as a humanitarian effort is a part of war.

6. Cattle Wagons

Most of the people who were transported to the concentration camps did not have any water, toilet or food. There was also no developed system of ventilation. One of the longest transport of the Jews took 18 days. When the doors were opened, everyone inside was dead.

5. Hitler was Inhumane

Hitler was intelligent yet inhumane. It was impossible to reach the core of that mad man’s being, as there was nothing there. He liked fast cars, dogs and beautiful, yet unintelligent girls. His personality was a mixture of mysteries, terror and personal insecurities.

4. Ukraine

The most extensive killing of Jews had taken place in Ukraine in which more than 33,000 Jews were killed in merely 3 days. It is also said that even the children were thrown into the Ravine.

3. Carbon Monoxide

This specific form of gas was fully used in the chambers. Some German historians are of the view that no such thing happened, but yet again, claims do not hide the reality. Even a number of German soldiers had confirmed the use of this gas that caused panful and horrifying deaths. Closing your eyes on seeing the truth never changes it.

2. Hitler and Stalin

Under the rule of these two individuals, millions and millions of people were killed. It is also said that Stalin had ordered the killings of more than 2 million Russians. The estimates vary a lot depending upon the credibility of sources. The same holds true for Hitler who was the sole cause of millions of deaths.

1. 33 %

More than 33 % of the Jews in the world at those times were killed during the Holocaust. Today, after decades of the war, I think again that why did it all happen? Why did Hitler achieve through this stupidity of his which led to the downfall of Germany forever. Most of us are well aware of the fact that the Greatness of the German Nation will never the same as it was before the War. I would also like to say Hitler is still alive in the minds of some extremist groups and nations.

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