10 Of the Most Useful Japanese Phrases For Travellers

This post is dedicated to all travellers who wish to visit Japan. The phrases which I am going to share with you will come in handy every now and then. It is important to note that all of these phrases happen to be informal. It is for this reason that I am going to share them with you. It is best that you practice them hard in order to get a grip on them. Trust me that by using these words you will be able to influence the Japanese. There is no need to get confused about them, as it will take you little time to practice them firmly. Here are the 10 most useful Japanese phrases for travellers.


Image Source: www.iheartjapan.ca

10. Yoro-shku-oneh-gai-shimus

All you need to do is recite this phrase to any person in Japan and they will be more than happy to help you with anything. It is difficult to have an exact translation of this phrase, but some sources agree that it means “Please do your level best to treat me well”. You can also say that it means please.

9. Yosh.Gahhbah-Dimus

It means that I am going to do my level best. However, you should be careful when to use this phrase.

8. Ara-Onarasuru-Tsumori-datta-kehdu-unchi-gade-chatta

It stands for crapping one’s pants. You might not want to use at formal places, but do use it when someone humorous with you. Be careful and polite when using these words, as you will never want to give a wrong impression.

7. Moda-meh-yohpara-chatta-gomen

This phrase is all about drinking. It is used when some Japanese try to make you drunk beyond your limit. So whenever you feel that you cannot handle anymore alcohol, always use this phrase.

6. koko-wadoko? Watashiwa-dareh-nanimo-wahkah-nai

This phrase is used when you want to convey that you do not anything about yourself or where you are? Trust me that the Japanese people will help you to identify yourself or find out where you are.

5. Eeshow-nikah-raho-kehni-ee-kohka

It is the best phrase to use, especially when you want to ask someone out from the bar. Always use it with integrity and respect for the other person. There is nothing that love and politeness cannot do. So always use it in timely and strategic manner.

4. Hontoe-nioh-ee-sheedes-yo

It is used when you wish to say that the thing you are eating is delicious. Always use it when you are invited to someone’s home. You will be able to make the other person realize that you actually liked the thing you are eating.

3. Ahnahtah-waha-ruh-noee-cheeban-nosah-kurah-yoree-utsu-kushee

It is used when you want to make someone fall in love with you. It literally means that you are the most beautiful thing, even more beautiful than the spring blossom.

2. Nihon-daiskee

It means that Japan is the best in everything and that I love Japan. Use this, especially when you want to close up a deal or want to impress the other person. Yet again, it is best that you use it in a strategic manner after considering all possible options.

1. Kohnah-nikee-rayna-tokoro-wahahjee-mehteh-meetah

It is used when you wish that Japan is a beautiful and great country and you actually liked being here. The people with you at that time will surely take you positively and realize that you are a person who always likes to say the truth. Japan is indeed beautiful.

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