The 10 Coolest Homes in Australia

Whether it be classic beach homes or the modern techy houses, Australia surely has it all in store. This post is dedicated to the most awesome and coolest homes within the domains of Australia. It is clear that the prices of these homes are really handsome but for some people, it does not matter. All that matters to them is the style and luxury which the property is going to depict. No matter how much you earn, it is recommended that you go through this list for once. Here are the 10 coolest homes in Australia.

10. The Zen House

This home is also famous by the name of North Carlton Green House. From the looks, it is not less than a million dollar property. Most of you will not believe that the structure is just a manmade masterpiece. There is also rooftop garden inside together with a number of other ancient and classical features.


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9. Monte Cristo Homestead

Now here we have one of the most horrific and haunted buildings in Australia. It was constructed in the year 1885. The design of this home is just amazing and gives a feeling of the past 100 years. Ghost and murder stories are also famous in relation to this cool home.

Monte Cristo Homestead


8. Avalon Coastal Retreat

Designed with true simplicity and natural beauty, this home is all about appreciating the wonders of this world. It is best suited for those who are always tranquilized with all that is green.

Avalon Coastal Retreat


7. The Roozen Residence

The best thing about this home is that you will be able to enjoy a 180 degree view of the famous Indian Ocean from every room. The home has been constructed using all that is wood. The moment you will enter the home, it will soak you.

The Roozen Residence


6. Zealandia

For all those who love to have the retro feeling, this home is the top recommendation. The home has been designed to offer a superior level of comfort to all visitors. Moreover, the house is all full of vintage design furniture.



5. The Letterbox House

As the name suggests this house has been designed in the shape of letterbox. So for those who wish to have the letterbox feeling, this masterpiece is all that you will need.

The Letterbox House


4. Cape Schanck House

This house can be seen jutting aggressively out of the natural landscape. In fact, it is one of the best homes in Australia in terms of the natural beauty. All around the house you will find an endless number of places and designs where the natural materials have been used.

Cape Schanck House


3. The Bay of Fires Lodge

With high cliffs and out of the world views, this house yet another example of amazing architecture. The lighting system is solar powered with all the facilities and amenities of the modern world. It is also one of the few homes in the locality that are directly at the top of a hill.

The Bay of Fires Lodge


2. Everingham Rotating House

The home has been constructed to show a 360 degrees view of the entire surroundings. It takes around a few hours to rotate fully. Another amazing feature of this house is that is environment friendly.

Everingham Rotating House


1. Klein Bottle House

This home is a must see for all those who are in love with hard and fast engineering. The shape of this house is full of curves and spirals. There is also a cool courtyard inside this all in one house which allows for the wind to enter from all ends.

Klein Bottle House


Now after having read this post, you can search for the pricing and renting options. Some of these homes are available for sale as well as rent.

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