10 Cool and Most Interesting Facts about Spain

There are a number of facts about Spain that will leave you thinking about how great this nation was. Just like most other countries of the region, Spain has remained the center of worldwide fame. Moreover, it has also remained a strategic land for some of the greatest armies of the world. There are a number of different people who have settled in Spain from time to time. In fact, it can be said that just like America, the country has no original population of its own. However, there are a number of historians who never agree to this, as they are of the view that there are a number of people whose ancestors has always been there from the very start. After reading these 10 cool and most interesting facts about Spain, you will come to reason that the nation is much world what the world thinks about it. Whether it be culture, religion or any other facet of history, Spain is much more than just a country. Here is the list of these facts.

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10. Cultural Diversity

Since its inception, a number of different people have settled in the country. The nations included in this regard are: Muslims, Greeks, Iberians, Moors and many more. Kings and dictators have always tried to conquer the region either in the name of reforms or in the name of God.

9. Quill Pen

A number of historians are of the view that Spain happens to be the country where the quill pen has been invented. The invention had took place more than 1400 years ago which indeed shows that the people of the region in those times were quite into knowledge and science.

8. Language

The Spanish language is now spread to a number of different regions of the world. Most importantly, the country has given parts of its language to the Americans. One reason for this is the expansion of the Spanish that occurred in the 16th century. According to an estimate, there are presently 22 million or more people in more than 22 countries who speak Spanish language.

7. Africa

It might seem somewhat bizarre, but it is a fact that the country shares much of its history with the Africans. The Africans and the Spanish people shared a number of bonds and common lineages despite of having a difference in color.

6. Kingdom

Not so long ago, the country was referred to as the Kingdom of Spain. A number of kings and rulers were able to extend the reach of the empire to different parts of the world. But it all had ended with the inception of the British and French empires which happen to much more powerful. It should also be remembered that the Muslims also controlled the area for a long time.

5. Ice Age

The famous Iberian regions used to be the residence of a number of people during the last ice age. Refugees from all over the world were forced to move to the area during the whims of the ice age. After the end of the ice age, most of the people had moved to the European regions. So it can be said with some confidence that most of the population in the European regions do trace their origins in Spain.

4. Famous Spaniards

There are a number of global names that are from Spain including: Seneca, Pablo Picasso, Jose Carreras, El Greco, Rafael Nadal and many more.

3. Tourism

In the year 2006, it was estimated that more than 50 million tourists from all over the world had visited the country and the nearby Islands. It proves that Spain is a major attraction for tourists. Moreover, it is also considered to be the 2nd most visited and inspired country in the world.

2. Juan Sebastian

Juan Sebastian is remembered as the first man in the world who was able to circumnavigate the whole world.

1. The First Military Submarine

Most of you might not consider Spain a significant nation in terms of military and naval warfare. But it is a fact that the first person to develop a military submarine was a Spanish. His name was Isaac Peral.

With an endless number of contributions to the world, Spain is a country which should always be remembered in terms of its greatness and beauty.

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