10 Useful Tips for Staying Safe Online

If you are not using any online protection software, then there is a maximum probability that hackers and other sniffers might try to invade your security. As most online users make use of the internet for the purpose of logging into their banking accounts, making arrangements for staying safe online is crucial. You might not feel the need of having an advanced antivirus protection in the start, but once you get hacked, it might be too late for you. If you have never been hacked, then do not wait for the worst to happen. The online world is more like the real world as you never know when you might be mugged. Some people argue that being hacked is simply out of their control, but trust me, it is not. There are an endless number of tips which can be used for notching up the protection mechanisms of your computer.

It might be right to say that NSA might also be sniffing into your account, especially if you belong to a susceptible South Asian region. You might be forced to think that NSA has nothing to do with my account, but you never know. With this said, here are the 10 useful tips you can use for staying safe in the online world.

tips for staying safe online

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10. No Personal Information

There is no logic of posting most of your personal information online. For example, most people feel compelled to post everything about themselves on Facebook. Trust me-no one cares where you live or what you do. If you are in search of a dating partner, he or she will always come in from nowhere whether you post your personal information online or not.

9. Your Picture

If you are a girl, then you should never prefer to post your pictures. You might be forced to think that the online social networks are safe, but in reality, they are not. Most women realize this fact once their pictures have been posted on some porn websites.

8. Privacy Settings

Never allow a person you do not personally to have access to your pictures and all other personal information. People are compelled to misuse the trust of other people. So the only way you can protect yourself is by keeping your privacy settings at the top under all circumstances.

7. Passwords

Never give your password or login details to your close ones. Even if the person might mean the world to you, there is always no guarantee that he or she might not blackmail you during the uncertain times of your relationship.

6. Online Dating

Never prefer to meet or date people who you meet online. There is no end to the dangerous cases which have occurred in online dating. Always consult someone you trust before meeting an online friend. You never know that you might be one of the many targets of the people who use the online world as a means to their immoral needs and impulses.

5. Fake Identities

Do not believe what a person might say about him or herself while being online. People always prefer to present themselves in favorable light. Even if the person is telling the truth, believing him or her is simply not worth it.

4. Mind your Words

Always think for some time before posting your views online. Moreover, you should also be careful when posting your personal views about an authority figure.

3. Respect Others

Always be respectful towards the views and opinions of other people. Do not throw or thrust your opinion onto others, as most of them will only think that you are a narcissist having no regard for the thinking of other people.

2. Talk to others

If you receive an abusive or threatening message from others, just turn off your computer and contact the security agencies or police. It is also best if you inform a trusted friend or family members about it. Waiting for the worst to happen is always illogical and unsafe.

1. Adding Friends

Never add a person who you do not know personally. There are a number of people who love to add people without any reasonable purpose. There is no end to the problems that you might get yourself into by adding people you don’t know. A person might portray himself as being the most loving, responsible and talented person in the world but in reality, he or she might turn out to be the opposite.

With these useful tips in mind, you will be able to remain safe in the online world.

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