Top Ten Amazing Facts About Cigarette Smoking

Smoking is something which has been controversial since the inception of humanity. Whether it be the cigarettes or the ancient methods, criticism as well as the support has always been around. The way it is depicted in the movies and advertisements does come to influence the manner in which it will be used. For some it is only about making a fashion statement while for others it is a psychological need and a way to notch down their anxieties. Although there are several disadvantages and health issues which are caused by smoking, still there are also a few benefits which need to be mentioned. It is the hypocrisy of the opponents that they only bring the negative sides of smoking to the big picture. The unbiased researches have confirmed that not every other person dies due to smoking induced cancer or heart problems. In the initial days of the TV, smoking was advertised in a crazy manner. The actors loved to promote smoking and the female models made a show off out of it. But with the passage of time, when the world came to know about the debilitating consequences of this habit, things started rolling backwards. There are several fascinating and interesting facts about smoking cigarettes, but all of them might not come to please you. It is said that the smoking is not advertised anywhere, but as a matter of fact, it is. As the present era is marked for the infiltration of the Hollywood movies all over the world, some of these movies do present smoking in a pleasing as well as appealing manner.

People are forced to think smoking makes you look better, smarter and sexier than all others. To some extent, smoking does come to improve the way you look, but it is not the only factor. Your persona, your style of taking, your dressing and all other personality facets do come to function together in terms of determining the way you appear to other people. There is a lot more to smoking than you know due to which below I will be sharing with you the ten amazing, interesting and fascinating facts about cigarette smoking.

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10. Trading

Cigarettes happen to be the one most traded export items in the world. On a yearly basis, trillions of cigarettes are made and exported to all regions of the world. The revenue which is generated by the sales is about $ 400 billion, thus making it in of the most profitable and fast growing industry.

9. US Exporters

The companies in the United States which specialize in making cigarettes make a lot more money by exporting their products than by selling them to the Americans.

8. The Market

The United States is the country which happens to hold the most market shares. It is because the US companies like Marlboro, Kent together with Camel are the ones which control more than 70 % of the entire market.

7. Increase in Nicotine

The presence of nicotine in the cigarettes is being increased every single year. It is because of the consumers who are being forced to demand more. According to the research which was conducted by Harvard University, it was been reported that the amount of nicotine in the cigarettes manufactured by Camel and all other companies has been notched up to about 11 %.

6. Urea

You do not know, but area is a part of most of the top cigarette brands. It is used for the purpose of flavoring the cigarettes.

5. The Smoking Age

In most of the countries, the age at which smoking is legal is about 18 years. In Japan, the age limit has been raised to about 20 years of age. Any person caught in Japan smoking before this age is fined and is also subject to a legal action depending upon the authorities.

4. Losing Age

Most of the scientists are of the view that an average smoker comes to lose about 14 years of life, but still there is a not a huge data which is present in support for this claim. There is no surety that any person who smokes is going to die well before his or her age.

3. The Pace

Nicotine is able to gain an access to the human brain in a matter of 10 seconds. In other words, it will flow into the brain at about 10 seconds of your first puff.

2. Sugar

 Most of you might not be aware of this fact, but there is about 20 % sugar in most of the cigarette brands and items. If you happen to be a diabetic, then now is the right time for you to quit smoking. In addition, the nicotine patch is also going to do you no good, so it is best you put an end to this venture of yours.

1. Your Immunity

Research has confirmed that the immune system of any person who smokes has to make a lot of effort every day. It is also to be noted that in case of an attack from any foreign body or virus, the blood of a smoker will be much faster to reach to it in comparison to the non-smoker. But this does not mean that you should start smoking just to increase the reaction time, as you might be losing your health at the same time also.

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