5 Unimaginably Awesome Movie Trailer Mash Ups

There are millions all over the world these days who would want to see some surprising movie mash ups. In fact, there is no Hollywood lover in the world who would never want to see an awesome movie crossover. The making of a trailer is a crucial component when it comes to creating the hype about the release of a movie. In other words, the overall success as well as the profits of the movie are to be determined on the basis of the trailer, as it is the mechanism which is going to bring the people out. Yes, there is always a probability that the film might not to turn out to be as amazing as the trailer, but still the mash up has an integral role to play. The focus of this post is not to share with you some of the best movie trailers, but rather the mash ups which most of you would want to see. You can call an amalgamation of the varying stories and actions from a number of movies into a single film. It is a dream that most of you might have seen. It is also to be considered here that in the past there have been some attempts from the side of some innovative directors and producers to go for making a movie crossover. The same holds true for the teaser trailers, which are also based on the movie crossovers at times. Here is the list of the 5 awesome movie trailers all of us want to see.

movie mash ups

5. Watchmen-E

You might remember the movie, Wall-E. It was indeed one of the most amazing 3d animation movie of the time. On the other hand, Watchmen did not manage to make its mark. But not to worry, as we can make a new movie mash up by combining the elements of the two to bring forward a never before sci-fi movie.

4. The Joker Rises

In the Batman series, joker is one of the most feared as well as the most tactical of all the enemies batman ever faced. Heath Ledger is the one person to be credited for putting forward the real fear and power of the Joker in the movie. So we can make a new movie mash up of the “Dark Knight Rises” with other joker based movie, with the plot being centered on the rise of Joker. Yeah, the idea might seem funny, but still it is something which some of us do dream about.

3. The Communists at the Gate

This movie mash up is inspired from the movie “Enemy at the Gates” which was centered on the World War II, especially on the fight that took place at Stalingrad. But this movie mash up is going to be different from the original one, as it would be based on the fight between the United States and Russia. There is no end to the people in the world who would love to see the battle between these two powerful nations in the world. America-The Super Power and Russia-The Former Super Power.

2. Toy Grit

As the name suggests, the movie would be based on the combination of the movie scenes and plots of “Toy Story” and “True Grit”. Woody would be playing the role of the Cogburn while Buzz will be playing the role played by Leboeuf. Surely, this mash up will be something that would be entertaining as well as inspiring.

1. Spirited Away to the Empire of the Sun

It might seem a bit weird to combine the two movies which are totally different. Spirited away is one of the highest rated animation fantasy while Empire of the Sun is based on the WWII. But there is one thing which happens to be common among the two i.e. Japan. So the both can be used to bring something new to the big screen. For example, the plot can be based on how Chihiro returned to the spirit world and met those who were killed during the Second World War, especially those people who were the victims of the only nuclear bombing in the history of mankind.

Now if you believed that there are also some better mash ups which we can add into the list, do remember to leave a comment.

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