The 10 Most Gay Friendly Cities in America

On reading this list of the most gay friendly areas and cities in America, you are sure to find some surprises. Attitude towards the gay couples in the United States was not so lenient and favorable a few decades back. In fact, these couples were termed to be an outcast and were tagged as the deviants and perverts of the society. But now it seems like people are getting more and more aware in terms of the rights of the gay members of the society. Needless to say is the fact that America, with all its cities, is changing its opinions about the gay members of the country. Yes, a lot of debate has been going on in the congress, with the officials including the senators taking different standpoints when it comes to giving the federal benefits to the gay couples. It now seems that the goal of the United States of American is to be termed as a gay friendly country, but would it be able to do so? Well, we can only wait to see what happens in the years that follow. Although being gay is not a crime or not a bad thing, but still it is a challenge to nature’s harmony.  By conducting a historical analysis, you will come to know that the nations which tried to challenge the rules of nature were annihilated forever. The need of the time is to add some moderation in the society. Not everyone should be a homosexual or in the same way, not every person should be a hetero. Now here, I do not mean that you should give up your preferences just because the society does not want to. The idea here is to make the right choice and to know exactly what you want.

You have a right to love whoever you want and do you whatever you want, but it is unfortunate that the society feels a threat if a person tries to break the conventions and norms. The society is being controlled by some fanatics and political freaks who think that the people need them for their guidance. No matter you like it or not, most of the societies in the world are still following the doctrine of the Nazis. Fascism is indeed evident in most of the countries in the world, including the ones who fought the World War II against the Nazis. Seen from this perspective, it can be argued that Hitler was indeed right. There is also a probability if the Gays would not be given the rights and the recognition they deserve, they might turn to the use of violence and force to make others conform to their mindsets. There is a rise in the sentiments in terms of the gay rights which can be seen all over the world, but the triumph which the people are expecting to see is far from being achieved. Life can be really hard for the gays in some American cities, but at the same time, there are a number of cities also which welcome all homos and heterosexuals with open arms.

Now here, some of you might come to argue that even some of the cities like NYC are gay friendly, still the hate crimes which are being carried out against the gay couples in the areas are an open testament to the persistent hatred and disgust which some people have for the gays. If the society is to function in a balanced manner, then the gays are not the ones that should be outcast. The enemies of the state are the racist and the ones who are involved in the hate crimes. Everyone has the right to live the way want and to love anyone they want. Gays are to be credited as the members of the society and the citizens of the US just like any other person.

No matter in what city you might live, if you are gay, then be prepared to tackle a lot of criticism and a bit of hatred. With this said, here is a list of the 10 most gay friendly cities in America. The list also takes into account the hate crimes which are committed against the gays in the cities, so do not be surprised to see some unexpected names in the list.

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Cities Households with Gay Partners
1. Palm Springs About 9 %
2. San Francisco 2.6 %
3. Seattle 1.8 %
4. Long Beach 1.4 %
5. Cambridge 1.1 %
6. Los Angeles 0.8 %
7. Portland 2 %
8. Philadelphia 0.6 %
9. San Diego 1.1 %
10. NYC 0.7 %

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