5 Star Wars Technologies That Do Exist

Do you happen to be an obsessed star war fan? Has it been your dream to use the star war gadgets, weapons and all other items yourself? If that is so, then let me enlighten you a bit. There are several star wars technologies that exist right now, but you simply don’t know about them. In fact, they are so close to you that all you need to do is stretch out your hand. Yes, it is quite unfortunate to notice that our science still lags behind when it comes to creating teleportation devices, invincible guns, UFOs, freeze guns etc. But one thing is for sure that our expert innovators are trying their level best to make the star wars a reality which all human beings would be able to experience. What was not considered to be possible a few decades back, is indeed possible right now. Who knows that till 2050, you might be enjoying a glass of wine with your partner on Mars at this moment? Some of you might term this post to be an attempt for the impossible, but what I am saying here is indeed possible. It is quite normal for us to disagree with everything we don’t understand or don’t want to understand. With this said, here are the 5 star wars technologies that do exist.

star wars technologies that do exist

5. The Speeder Bikes

The head of a technology company named Aerofex, Mark DeRoche, is planning to make star wars speed bike. While most of us only love to watch the scenes of the movie, he is the one who has taken the initiative to do the undone. The company is in the phase of making low altitude aerial vehicle which is in close resemblance to the speeder bikes which you might have seen in the movies. This Aerofex hover bike, if completed, is sure to change the way people will view technology.

4. Laser Cannons

For a long time now, the movies have taught us that there will come a time when we will be able to annihilate the evil forces and our enemies with a powerful laser beam, but till now, the same does not seems to have happened in the real world. Some of us had even though that in the year 2013, we might be living a laser-based life. Not to worry, as the military has already taken its plunge into the death ray business. Yes, the US Navy has successfully used a warship based laser cannon in order to bring down the drone air crafts. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the laser doing the action and there is also going to be no “tew tew” sound.

3. Probe Droids

You might have seen these droids in the star movie episodes and also in other movies. In order to make this happen in the real world, first we need to make a drone which is going to be capable of performing the movements which you have seen in the films. DARPA is the organization that took the initiative it out, as for them it is not something which can never be done. The made their own V-Bat which was able to hover across a number of places while functioning in an autonomous manner. Moreover, this one of a kind droid also makes use of a number of vision cameras to facilitate itself in the movement. So droids happen to be a star wars technology which indeed exist after all.

2. The Miniature Hover Robots

In the star wars world, the remotes are not used in the way they are used in the world. In fact, there are subject to a number of innovative uses and tasks including doing the repairs, carrying out the equipment etc. After having watched them in action in the movies, some crazy scientists tried to make it happen and they did succeed in it. NASA makes use of a number of spheres for the purpose of performing a number of tasks, especially in the environment where there is no gravity at all. They also help in the performance of a number of maintenance checks, repairs and in watching the astronauts as they go to sleep.

1. Prosthetic Limbs

The field of prosthetics has indeed made a lot of progress-well a lot more that we can imagine. The limbs which are being designed now also happen to have the element of human feeling. In other words, the limbs in addition to helping the disabled in carrying out their regular tasks, also help them in feeling the tings and pricks. The limb interface which has been designed by DARPA goes a step further in giving the users the real feeling.

It can be said with great confidence that soon all of us would be able to be a part of the Star Wars World. All we need to do is to wait and place our confidence on the scientists. The star wars inspired technologies, which are present and which are still being developed, are sure to change the face of the world.

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