The Highest Earning Singers of 2013

Singers do happen to have something special and different from all others. Surely, there is no shortage of talent in the United States as well as in all other countries, but not all of those who enter the music world are able to make their worth. Singing is not just about looks and a good voice, but is also about covering the extra mile in comparison to all others. The highest paying singers are the ones who are able to make their place in our hearts. Now here, some of you might not agree with the list, as you might have your own favorite male and female singers.

I also agree that some of the singers are overrated, but still they do have that special touch of uniqueness in them due to which they are able to make much more than all others. The earnings which I will be sharing with you are on a yearly basis. The total amount includes the contracts, money earned through ads and from all other sources. The total figures might vary a bit from one source to the next. The music tours are also to be considered in terms of knowing about the total earnings. Here is the list of the 5 highest earning singers of 2013.

5. Kenny Chesney-$ 19.1

When it comes to the country music, then Kenny Chesney is now considered to be one of the best there is. Moreover, most of his music tours are also known to be successful. Almost each of his concert tour has managed to attract millions of fans. In addition, his digital tracks have also been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Kenny Chesney

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4. Van Halen-$ 20.2 million

The old singers and rockers never die. This band happens to be an example of one of the most successful bands in the present times. Most recently, the band was able to earn $ 54 million just from the 46 shows they did. The remaining 32 shows had to be cancelled all because they were too tired. That’s not all, as their newest album named “A different Kind of Truth” has been subject to more than 600,000 physical sales and about 213,000 digital downloads.

Van Halen

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3. Roger Waters-$ 21.2 million

Roger Waters, who happens to be a former member of the Pink Floyd, was able to make a fortune for himself. His concerts and tours all over the world were able to attract millions from all over the world. In addition, the revenue which thee tour generated was close to $ 350 million. Most of his old albums were also successful.

Roger Waters

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2. Bruce Springsteen-$ 33.4 million

Old is always gold. This is what Bruce Springsteen has proved to the world from his endless number of hits and successful tours. The amounts which he earned include the ones from the royalties, ads and from other related sources. The prime source for his income are the concerts which he does more often.

Bruce Springsteen

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1. Madonna-$ 34.6 million

Her latest album which had been titled as MDNA has proved to be a major hit. As soon as the album was released, it was able to stumble towards the number 1 spot. Moreover, around $ 1.5 million has also been generated from the sales of the album. The concerts performances which she delivered most recently, are known to be one of the most successful by any singer.


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The amounts, as mentioned before, can be subject to some changes depending on the source. I have tried to use a number of sources in order to give you the most accurate figures.

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