The Most Dangerous Violent Cities in the US 2013

So, which are the most dangerous cities in America 2013? Well, there are a number of factors which need to be considered before tagging a city to be violent or dangerous? America might not be the safest country to live in the world. In fact, there is no country in the world which can be termed as safe. Deviants and criminals exist everywhere no matter to what color or race they might belong. It is important to consider here that the violent crime had risen in the US in 2012 to a level which was much more in comparison to the past years, as reported from the side of the FBI. The report which was released in this regard has been used in terms of making this list of the most violent and dangerous cities in the US. Although some of the cities which I am going to include in the list might seem safe to you, all because of the comfy suburban areas which they encompass. As the boundaries of some these cities are vast, so taking a complete view of the area has never been easy for the concerned authorities and departments. The most definitive source in terms of this data is the UCR. I have also preferred to add a brief description about the crimes which are carried out in these cities. Here is the list of the 10 most dangerous violent cities in the US 2013.


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10. Newark

The city has always notorious in terms of its crime rate. The law enforcement agencies of the city have also been slapped many a times for not taking the necessary steps for notching down the crime and homicide. Here is the data which has been provided by the FBI. 34 murders and 708 robberies/ 100,000 is the most recent statistics in terms of the crime rate. Moreover, the report also showed 20 rape cases per 100,000 on average.

9. Baltimore

The city has held a bad reputation from the times it became famous for its drug wars. It has also been referred to as the heroine and drug capital of America.  The crime rate is around 35 murders/100,000 and 576 robberies/100,000.

8. Jackson

With 36 murders and 454 robberies/100,000, Jackson is at the number 8th spot. Most of the crimes which are carried out in the city happen to be based on the racial tensions. Recently, there was a major attack which had been carried out by a group of white youngsters against all the black Americans.

7. St. Louis

The authorities have been using several lame excuses in terms of the rise in the crime rates. The crime rate in the city is about 35 murders and 558 robberies/100,000. The city is not so sprawling like most of the other cities, which can be one of the reasons for the soaring crime rate.

6. Cleveland

Cleveland had been in the news for quite some time, primarily because of the case in which 3 young women had got their freedom after 10 years of captivity. This incident indeed raised a number of questions about the effectiveness of the city police. The forcible rape rate is also very high in the city, in fact, one of the highest in the country. The statistics are: 21 murders and 826 robberies/100,000 and about 92 forcible rapes/100,000.

5. New Orleans

The history of violence, crime and life endangerment in the city goes decades back. You might remember the looting which had broken out in the city at times of the 2005 hurricane. The crime rate is about 53 murders and 293 robberies/ 100,000 and 37 forcible rapes/100,000.

4. Bridgeport

Now here we have the most populous city in the domains of Connecticut and also happens to be one of the most violent among them all. The crime issue had gone so worse at times that the city had been forced to use a curfew at the night time in order to control the late night crimes and violence. The rape count of the city is also very high. The level is about 266 forcible rapes/100,000. The police of the city is of the view that for the year the rape count had been so high all because a single person who has now been arrested carried out multiple rapes that year, but they are all counted in terms of the statistics. The rate is actually very low in comparison to other cities.

3. Oakland

Violence in the city has been surging every now and then. The residents of the city often assert that they feel like being at the center of a war zone. With 32 murders, 68 rapes and 1086 robberies/100,000, Oakland rests at the number 3 spot.

2. Detroit

Detroit has suffered a lot in terms of the murder and safety issues. The crime rate of the city is an open testament to the unsafe living conditions in the city. With 55 murders, 62 forcible rape cases and 686 robberies/100,000 Detroit rests at the number 2 spot in our list of the most dangerous cities.

1. Flint

In addition to being in a financial trouble and economic meltdown, the crime rates have also been hiking there. One reason for this, which the experts present, is the move made by the General Motors to put an end to a number of plants which were located in the city, but this cannot be the only reason for the unusually high murder and rape rate. In the year 2011, the NY Times Magazine, had referred to Flint as the Murder-Town of the United States of America. The rate goes as follows: 62 murders, 106 forcible rapes and 662 robberies/100,000.

If you feel that the statistics reported above in the list of the most dangerous and violent cities in the US 2013, are somewhat exaggerated, feel free to make any comments.

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