The Most Expensive Weddings Ever

The most expensive weddings do not guarantee that the couple will be together happily ever after. In fact, most of the weddings which happen to be pompous in nature never make it for even a few years. Here I have tried to gather all the information about the most expensive weddings in the history of mankind. Whether it be Diana’s Wedding, The Tom Cruise and Holmes short term venture or Kate Middleton’s Dream, all of these marriages do happen to have a lot in common. On seeing the pictures of these couples on the wedding day, the world would think that they are made for each other. But how many of these weddings are in the name of love? No one can say this for sure.

No matter you wedding costs $ 100 or $ 100 million, respect and love are the two factors that are determine the fate of a marriage. Here is the list of the 5 most expensive weddings ever.

5. Chelsea Clinton’s Marriage

The marriage ceremony of Clinton’s Daughter was really more than just cocky and extravagant. In addition to stars and the top political elite, the marriage was also attended by some foreign officials. The security at the event was also astonishing. Although the family claims that the wedding was not attended by many people, but most of the sources have an opposite story to tell.

Chelsea Clinton’s Marriage

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4. Kate Middleton’s Marriage

Costing for about $ 27 million, this wedding is going to be remembered for many years. Obviously, a handsome sum of money was wasted on the security and for other purposes. The dress which the bride wore was similar to Diana’s dress, but surely, Kate Middleton is not even close as beautiful as her Mother in Law was.

Kate Middleton’s Marriage

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3. Rashid Al Maktoum’s Marriage

The cost for this marriage was about $ 44 million. The reason for which the marriage cost so high is all because the Arabs are known for their extravagant life styles. In order to celebrate the wedding, a five day holiday was given at the national level.

Rashid Al Maktoum’s Marriage

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2. Lady Diana’s Wedding

Now here we have the marriage which will be remembered for centuries. Adjusted according to today’s cost, $ 70 million was spent on the wedding. A national holiday had been scheduled in order to celebrate this big event. The bride’s dress had cost about $ 12000 at that time. Moreover, 27 cakes were made especially for the wedding.

Lady Diana’s Wedding

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1. Vanisha Mittal’s Daughter

Known to be the most extravagant and luxurious wedding in history, this merger was termed as a business deal by many. Vanisha happens to be the daughter of Lakshmi Mittal who is one of the richest person in India. The wine which the guests had drank in the wedding had cost about $ 1.5 million. The wedding took place in a country in which more than 50 % of the population is living below the poverty line. This raises a big question for those who have given all forms of blessings from the side of God. Even if some of you might argue here that there is no God, even then the demand of humanism is to care for the poor and the weak.

Vanisha Mittal’s Daughter

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