10 Things You Should Never Share On Facebook

I am sure that all of you would be aware about the social networks. If anyone of you claims to having never heard about the social networks, it is evident that you might have been living under a rock. Facebook and all others forms of social networking websites are quite “in” these days. With millions of users presently and with more and more pouring in everyday, Facebook has totally changed the manner in which the way we communicate with each other. This website is indeed about expressing one’s persona, but there are certain things and habits we should avoid on it. It is to be considered that whatever we post on this social networking link is always available to be used and reused by all others. This post is going to give you an idea about the 10 things that you should never prefer to post on the social networks.  Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace or any other social network, all of them have should be used in a specific manner. It is time you start to reconsider the manner in which you have been using these social networks in the past. Here is a list of the ten don’ts you need to keep in mind on the social networks.


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10. Your Family Pictures

Putting the pictures of your children and other family members, can place them at great risk. There are also some users who even post the location of their children’s school. You have no idea about the danger you can place your children by posting their information. So, never ever post your family images and photos on the social networks.

9. Personal Matters

There are some attention seekers who prefer to share their personal matters and information on their walls. Do you want the world to know that how much pathetic you are and what problems are you facing? Every person has problems but it does not means that you should share bring all your issues on Facebook. There is a specific social networking etiquette which you need to follow at all times. Trust me, no one cares about your problems and you are doing yourself more harm than good by making such selfish posts.

8. Plans

Sharing all information about your social plans on the social networks is never a good idea. Unless you plan to invite all of your friends and acquaintances to the party, it is never wise to share the information about your future whereabouts.

7. Criticism

It is best if you never criticize your teacher or your boss on the social networks. You have no idea about the ways and links through which there is always a probability that your boss would be able to see the post. It is also unethical to criticize a person on their back.

6. Linking the Social Networks

Ever imagined about the impact which your Facebook posts can have on your LinkedIn profile? So it is best that you should never link your profile to any other social network. In the year 2009, there was a case about an employee getting fired because he had asked for a leave from his workplace on a weekend and told the boss that he was sick. But the same weekend, his boos saw his pictures on Facebook in which he was at a party the same weekend. It is recommended that you keep your personal and professional life apart.

5. Company Information

Sharing the information about your company is indeed dangerous, no matter how delightful the other person might be. You would be dying to share with your customers all the information about your future business plans and packages, but at the same time, your competitors might also make use of this information. You have no idea about the impact of this action on your sales, so always wait for the right time to make an announcement about your business promotions.

4. Financial Information

Never give out any sort of financial information to any three party online shop or company no matter how much credible they might be. You have no idea about the manner in which your financial information can be exploited on the social network. Whether it be the information about your bank name or credit card number, never disclose anything.

3. Your Address

Can anyone be so stupid to disclose information about one’s address? As a matter of fact that there are a number of people who engage in this stupidity. By disclosing this form of information, you become susceptible to various types of identity and property thefts. Even your phone number can lead the thieves to your address.

2. Password Hint

It is never wise of you to disclose your password hint or even give your password to your partner. Even if you need to check an important mail, never give your password to your friend or to even your girlfriend in order to check it out for you. Now if you happen to have a fight or a breakup with your friend or partner, just imagine in what ways the person might come to exploit you. You will realize the fact that there is a person who likes you the least and even has information about your account.

1. Things you don’t Want

Any photo or video of yours, no matter how amazing or embarrassing it might be, can be shared all over the internet. I am sure that none of you will never want to see your naked photo on some cheap adult website or link. Girls should be even more careful in posting their photos and images, as they have no idea about the lusty males who spend most of their time viewing the profile photos of their female friends and acquaintances.

Use Facebook and all other social networks for the purpose they were designed and not for the sake telling the world what you are, what you want to be, how many brothers and sisters you have and all other related personal non-sense.

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