10 Quick Tips to Make Yourself Look Beautiful

You might be looking for some quick tips to look beautiful. Are you growing older? Is your skin losing its special touch of elegance and freshness? It should not come as a surprise to you that the tinted moisturizer you used in your teen years will not work as you grow older. Even if it works for some time, it will never be able to ward off the wrinkles which are becoming more and more visible with every day that passes you by. At the time you reach the age of 40, you will feel the need of bringing in the big guns in form cosmetics, night creams, face scrubs and many other related beauty pastes. Yes, these cosmetics do help at times, but for those who are in search of some quick results, there are a number of ways in which you can make yourself look beautiful and awesome. Although your wrinkles might not go away entirely, but who said that wrinkles are bad. After all, you are not Angelina Jolie, as you can never afford to go for a skin surgery. So why do people make use of a plethora of cosmetics and skin creams? Well, the answer lies in these three words: Hormones, skin regeneration and moisture. Now here, skin regeneration is not something which every other $ 10 cream can do for you. In fact, most of the expensive cosmetics aren’t even able to regenerate a single cell. With this said, here are the 10 quick tips to make yourself look beautiful.


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10. Youthful Spine

The secret to looking better than most of the people around you is to have a youthful spine, as said by the famous fitness expert-Jane Wake. What is the point in being beautiful when you posture is out of proportion or out of shape. Moreover, try to pull in all your tummy muscles as you will get 10 years younger by doing this.

9. The Anchoring Technique

Most of the psychotherapists have agreed that the anchoring technique can prove to be useful for those who seem to be really depressed about getting older. All you need to do is regress yourself to the times when you used to be young. Try to remember and enjoy every single and each minute detail of some amazing experience from your youth.

8. Cool Scarfs

For this summer, you can buy yourself a cool scarf. Trust me that it is really going to add a lot to your style statement and glamor.

7. Going for the Manicures and Pedicures

Try to relax yourself on a chair and then place your feet in some warm water that contains a shampoo or some other soothing material. After that you can ask your sister or a friend to take care of your nails. Yes, later on, your friend is also going to ask you to do the same for her so be ready for it.

6. Juices-Juices and Juices

Try to make as much of the juices as you can. Furthermore, trim down on the spicy foods and drinks that you have using for long. Juices do guarantee a fresh skin and a slim body, when used in optimal amounts and by avoiding all other fatty foods and substances.

5. Listen to Your Voice

It might all seem bizarre to you but trust me that what I am about to tell you does work. Listen to your voice by recording it and then playing it over and over again. The idea here is to get an idea of your tone and pitch. The lower your tone, the older people will perceive you.

4. Start Smiling

Another facet of the aging process is that our faces start to lose their freshness and fat. In other words, we tend to appear very serious and grouchy. Yes, this does happen whether you like it or not. The one thing you can do to avoid this, is to laugh as much as you can without showing yourself to be an idiot.

3. Music

Try to listen to the music which you used to crave and admire in your youth days. Yes, it is a form of musical regression. There will also come times in which you fill smell a scent or even a phantom touch on your body reminding you about the close and intimate times you spent while listening to the same music in your youth. These memories will indeed help you in feeling younger, but only if you want to.

2. Hair Cuts

Go for the regular haircuts, as you do not need to appear all-destroyed and depressed. In other words, make the best out of your life, go for the haircuts, attend parties, try to shut up all the cocky youngsters who think they will never get older, drink around a bit, laugh as much as you want, regress a bit and then show your gratitude towards all those who do care for you. Yes, this tip is more than just having regular haircuts.

1. You are as Young and Beautiful as you can be

Never hesitate in feeing younger and beautiful. Try to be confident about the way you look. The human definitions of beauty and uniqueness vary a lot due to which you should never think less of yourself. You will definitely appear to be attractive to some people but not so much to others. Even the most beautiful woman in the world will not be admired by every other person she meets. So be confident and energetic about yourself, without looking cocky.

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