10 Most Awesome Google Tools

Google is awesome, unique and amazing. Although some users might hold extremely negatively views about the company and the soon to be retailer, with its Google Glass, it is a fact that when it comes to innovation, than there is no match to what Google can offer. It is really more than just a search having a plethora of amazing and awesome tools to offer. This list is dedicated towards giving you an idea about the best and most useful Google tools. Moreover, you have no idea about the way these tools can be used. Due to the limited information which people have about the actual usage of these tools, the ratings of these services have been lower at times. Here is list of the 10 most awesome google tools.


10. Google E-Mail

In the year 2004, the company had decided to make itself more than just a search engine which is the reason for which their email services had been launched. In addition to being faster and more agile than other email service providers, there is no end to the useful options it offers to you. The arrangement of the emails in the order of the conversation, plus the options for blocking the spams and the virus attacks, are all some compelling facets of their service.

9. G-Talk

There is no end to the reasons for which G-Talk can be termed as being the best instant messaging service on the web. You can download it for your desktop, you can use it as a browser add-on, you can even connect it on other platforms and plus you can also send some large sized files using it. That’s not all, as you can also enjoy their cutting edge services on your android smartphone. Some other services include the audio/video chat, the jabber protocol, integration into Orkut and many more.

8. Google Checkout

For those people who have always been worried about online shopping, especially in the phase which one is required to spend some time in typing down the personal information, Google Checkout is the one solution to this fuss. This tool allows you to shop with ease, without exhausting you with an endless number of questions. After signing up for an account, you would need to provide the extra information like credit card number, billing address, shipping address and some other things-one time only. You can also avail several discounts on shopping with the companies and websites that are linked to this useful Google Tool.

7. Google Docs

In addition to giving you all the MS Office type services, the prime advantage is the online storage option. It is like creating your business documents on it without worrying for the backup as the files will never be deleted from your account, as long as the follow the rules. You would be able to edit and access your files from any computer

6. Google Earth Maps

The concept of creating a digital globe is not too old, but Google is indeed one of those companies that took the first step into this realm. Google Earth is indeed used by millions all over the world and even by high fi companies and organizations.

5. Google Calendar

Using this calendar you would be able to mark all of your important plans and events so that you may never come to forget them. Yes, you are going to need a Google account in this regard, but trust me, that it is really worth it. For some of you this awesome tool would not appear to be that awesome, but it is for some.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps do not demand you to have a full fledge online account. Just log on to the link and then if you happen to have a great internet connection, you would be able to stumble across all the sites and streets in the world. Initially, the software gave only driving pointers and directions, but now you can also avail the walking directions in this regard.

3. Google Desktop

This tool comes in handy at times when you need to search some important email or file. All you need to do is download it to your computer and then set up the search. The software will look for the file or the document you added at the time when the computer is not busy in other important tasks. It also gives you the ability to fully customize your preferences and experiences. It really harnesses the magic powers of the search engine in searching the files for your computer. If you feel like giving up looking up for a document or a file on your hard drive, it is best that you give this powerful tool a try.

2. iGoogle

This tool allows you enjoy all your favorite links and websites on a single page. The features include a personalized dashboard, numerous gadgets and widgets, task organization, social networking and much more. You can also make use of a wide array of background colors and designs.

1. Google Health

Now this tool is more like an online and a very secure database of your medical records and files. If you feel like changing your doctor at any time, let Google handle the file management issue for you. You would need to enter the reports at first, after which they will remain accessible at any time and at any place. So if you change your health professional, all you need to do is give an access to him or her, so that he would be able to look at them at any time. In all, Google Health is the best and the most useful Google Tool, at least for those, who do care for their health.

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