Top 10 Most High Tech Countries 2013

In speaking about the most high tech and innovative countries in the world, it is sure that most of the people won’t be able to arrive at an agreement with this post. The reason for this being the love of one’s own country together with the difference in opinion. It is a fact that the United States, China and Japan for their invention and high tech devices. In terms of the survey conducted by Bloomberg in which the data from more than 200 countries in the world was collected, I would be sharing with you a list of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. The technology of a country is evaluated and measured in terms of a number of factors including research, development, tech-density, education and manufacturing capabilities. Moreover, the number of tech researchers a country also serve as pin pointers towards the technological edge of a country. Furthermore, the number of research and development members and staff a nation has also helped in performing an analysis about the high tech countries. Now here, it is important to mention that Russia was the first country which took the plunge into the tech world with the launch of the first man in space. I am well aware of the fact that most of the people hold biased and distorted views about Russia, but when it comes to facing the facts then the former Soviet Union can be termed to be one of the pioneers of tech era alongside the USA. Another controversial country which is worthy to be mentioned here is Germany whose past history is an open testament to the topic under discussion. It can be said that at the start of the WWII, the edge in technology is what that gave the Nazis an edge over all others. If Germany would not have been left alone in the war, then surely the outcome would have been different. After refreshing your long term memory storage, here is the list of the top 10 most high tech countries in the world 2013.

10. Australia

Although Australia is not included in the top 10 economies in the world, but still it has managed to emerge among the top 10 high tech countries. It has managed to score quite high in terms of the human development and also in the R & D index. The prime focus of the country has now been shifted towards all the tech related dimensions.

techhnology australia

9. Denmark

The growth which Denmark has shown over the span of the past few decades is really remarkable. In terms of the R & D density, the country rests on the number 9th spot. But more surprisingly, it is on the 3rd spot in terms of the researcher concentration. Apart from this, Denmark does lag behind in the domain of the tertiary efficiency.

technology in denmark

8. Canada

Being one of the most educated and technologically advanced countries in the world, Canada deserves to be in this list. The government of the country has now raised the GDP share of technology and research to about 2 % or a bit less. Now it can be seen that the country is expending a lot in its tech and all other related sectors.


7. Singapore

Ranked among the top competitive and high tech nations in the world, Singapore is also marked for being one of the most economically friendly countries in the world. The government is also looking to notch up the funding for all the tech related sectors.

technology in Singapore

6. United Kingdom

After suffering a heavy beating at the hands of the Nazis in WWII, the United Kingdom had shifted its focus towards raising the lethality of their weapons and in raising the quality of the tech devices. Although the UK was the first one to be termed an industrial nation, but now it seems to lag behind the countries which got independence, many decades after. But not to forget the fact that the UK is to be credited for the invention of first TV, electric motor and many other devices.

United Kingdom

5. The Netherlands

The technology infrastructure has seen its ups and downs in the past few decades, but the growth they have shown in such a small time is really remarkable. The country is now ranked among the top countries in terms of the energy infrastructure, networking and in other related domains. They also manufacture telecom systems, ace class tech equipment and much more.

The Netherlands

4. Finland

In terms of the R & D density, Finland is at the number 2 spot. But you would be amazed to know that it is at number 1 when it comes to the researcher concentration. But there are a number of other factors which combine to determine the rank of a country in terms of being the most high tech. Finland had been ranked at number 1 among the high tech countries in the Newsweek Survey, but now is at number 4. Known for its huge tech infrastructure and globalized economy, Finland might soon appear at the number 1 spot.


3. Germany

No sane person can deny the achievements and contributions of Germany to the tech world. The technology sector does forms an integral component in the overall economy of the country. Not to forget here that the country has been home to some of the most famous researchers and scientists known to mankind. For the most part of the 20 century, Germany boasted of having the most number of Nobel Prizes than any other country in the world. You might have heard the names of Albert Einstein, Otto Hahn, Wilhelm Wundt, Leibniz and many more, as all of them were, whether you like it or not, Germans.

german technology

2. Japan

Technology in Japan is the sector which has been the center of attention of the whole world. With the core of the government’s attention being the robotics, consumer electronics and other related sectors, Japan also has a good chance of leading all other countries. Whether it be the electronics, aeronautics, nuclear power or anything else, you are sure to find Japanese everywhere.


1. United States of America

In the end, as in most of the related articles, the United States of America is most high tech country in the world. By taking an overview of the history of the country in terms of technology and development, you will be forced to recognize it as the number 1 nation. The technological systems and related infrastructures are so vast and multifaceted that they alone have a major role to play in terms of notching the country’s economy. In other words, the technology sector of the United States of America does have a major to play in making it the largest and the strongest economy in the world 2013. With dozens of nuclear scientists, agronomists, astrophysicists, astronomers, forensic scientists, biophysicists and many more, USA deserves to be at number 1 for the year 2013.

usa technology

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