10 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

Beaches and open spaces are something which every tourist likes. In fact, some of the most visited tourist hot spots are those which happen to have some exotic beaches within them. All year around, you are always going to find tourists and travelers no matter to what beach you plan to visit. But while enjoying your time at these sites, you would need to keep a number of things in mind, especially if you have some children with you. The list of the most dangerous beaches in the world I am going to share with you offer a complete explanation for the things you need to understand. So, always have in mind some back up plan if in any case things go out of bound. Your advance preparation in this regard will surely prove to be helpful to you. With this said, here is the list of the 10 most dangerous beaches in the world.

10. Galveston-Texas

The beach has been named after the island on which it is located. Since the 1910’s, more than 10 attacks have been reported. The most dangerous among them were the ones carried out by the sharks and other animals. Although the number of incidents have been reduced now, but still all those who travel to this beach need to be cautious at all times.

Galveston Beach-Texas

9. Zihuatanejo-Mexico

Located on the coast of the famous Pacific Ocean, Zihuatanejo beach happens to be the most appealing site. The beach had been the center of the news in the region and in other regions of the world lies in the numerous attacks on the visitors which were carried out by some dangerous sharks. The people of the region take some necessary initiatives in order to minimize the attacks and have managed to notch down the levels of fear.


8.  Northern Coast-Australia

The beach located on this coast happens to be the home for a number of species. All around the year you will find many tourists from all corners of the world. One of the most dangerous marine animals here include the all-time dangerous jelly fish. More than 60 people have been killed at this site primarily due to the poison of the jelly fish.

Northern Coast-Australia

7. Solana Beach-California

Marked for being an area which has been infested by the sharks, this beach is the place where you should be concerned. So, if you are not trained enough to swim at in the water, then there is a maximum probability for you becoming a meal for the sharks.

Solana Beach-California

6. The Beaches of Brevard County-Florida

No doubt, the beaches located in the area are all-wonderful and awesome, but the more than 100 shark attacks in the region would force you to think again. The number of people who used to visit the beach have also been reduced in lines to the attacks.

The Beaches of Brevard County-Florida

5. Horry County-South Carolina

The county is known for being a landmass of many beautiful and exotic beaches. Myrtle Beach is also one of the most famous beaches located in the region. The number of people who visit this site have been increasing every year. In terms of the past 100 years or so, more than 50 people have been attacked by sharks.

Horry County Beach-South Carolina

4. The West End-Grand Bahamas Island

All the beach lovers travelling to this place should always remain cautious and vigilant at all times in order to ensure their safety. The region is really famous for the tiger sharks which are much more dangerous than you might have heard on the National Geographic Channel or on some other one. The number of attacks which have been carried out here happen to be less than other beaches, but still it is better to be prepared.

The West End-Grand Bahamas Island

3. Northern Shore on Oahu-Hawaii

What makes this region dangerous is surfing. The waves are really high most of the times. Most of the surfers travel to this area in the winter season, as the waves are quite high at these times. Although a large number of people travel to the beach area, but not all of them prefer to remain cautious about the tiger and some other species of the shark which are found here.

Northern Shore on Oahu-Hawaii

2. Long Beach Island-New Jersey

You might have seen some movies and marine life shows linked to this beach. The reason for which being the dangerous sharks which are found here. In the year 1916, a very large number of shark attacks were reported.

Long Beach Island-New Jersey

1. Smyrna Beach-Florida

Surely this beach is one of the gifts of God and a really exciting place to be, but when it comes to danger, then it remains of the most dangerous of them all. Till now more than 100 people have encountered the shark attacks. Sharks can be deadly, especially when their prey isn’t aware while they plan the attack.

Smyrna Beach-Florida

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