Top 5 Most Powerful Nuclear Capable Countries

There is a lot which one needs to know about the race of nuclear weapons. Firstly that the United States of America and Russia are in the lead. Secondly, North Korea has also joined the race and is now a nuclear power nation whether the world likes it or not. Thirdly, the third world country like Pakistan has nuclear weapons more devastating and powerful than any of the weapons Israel and France have. Fourthly, the most number of nuclear warheads are possessed by Russia. So it is evident that in terms of this race, some of the countries have managed to leave all other countries behind. Moreover, a number of countries are trying hard to be a part of this race like Iran and Brazil. It can be said with great confidence here that soon the world is going to witness a WWIII. The new world war is going to be quite different from the past ones, as in this fight both of the sides would have an equal chance of winning. If Adolf Hitler would have been alive, he would have been astounded to see that how wars are won in these times. You do not need to send millions of troops across the borders or for defending the borders, all you need to do is to fire a single nuke and in a matter of a few seconds millions would be wiped out. So who is the most powerful nuclear nation? Well, there is no direct answer to this question, as the exact number of nuclear warheads a country possesses are unknown and are just round about estimates. Here is the list of the 5 most powerful nuclear capable countries.

5. France

The country had conducted its first nuclear test in the 1960’s. Although the nuclear strategy of France has not been aggressive, but still they boast of having some very powerful nuclear bombs. According to some estimates, France has around 290 active warheads.


4. United Kingdom

UK had conducted its first nuclear test in the year 1952. The nuclear bomb they had used was named the Hurricane. UK now possesses more than 250 warheads. The prime aim of the project was to respond to the aggressive production strategy that Russia has taken in terms of the nuclear weapons.

United Kingdom

3. China

The warheads China has are much more than the estimates you are going to find on the regular websites. In fact, it is also being speculated that very soon China would be able to outnumber the United States in terms of the nuclear weapons. They had carried out the first test in the year 1964 and are now termed to be one of the most powerful nuclear capable nations in the world.


2. United States of America

Well, some of you might be wondering why I placed The United States of America at the number 2 spot. In lines to all the information I had been able to find on the internet, when it comes to possessing the nuclear warheads, then USA is on the 2nd number. Moreover, nobody knows the exact power of the nuclear weapons USA has now, as the only action was seen at times of the WWII. The country has more 7500 total warheads.

United States of America

1. Russia

Russia had carried out its first nuclear test in the year 1949. When it comes to having the most number of nuclear warheads and carrying out the most powerful artificial explosion in history, then the one name that strikes consciousness is Russia. The yield of the bomb was around 57 megatons of TNT. The original reason for which the bomb had been designed was to intimidate the United States which was then the super power nation alongside Russia. Obviously, the one super powerful nation in the world is the United States. The total number of warheads Russia presently has are around 8500 or more. Furthermore, the country has not leaked a lot of information about the exact power of the nuclear weapons they have which is another reason to be critical about the true potential of the country.


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