The Biggest Water Theme Parks around the World

In addition to giving you a never ending fun and excitement, water theme parks also offer you numerous avenues of getting to meet and interact with other people. It might seem a bit stupid to you, but as a matter of fact the places where you go for enjoyment can provide you with the opportunities through which you would be able to find a number of good friends. These parks are not only liked by the children, but by people from all age groups. Yes, in order to impress the adults, the parks do need to have that special touch of grandness and psychic appeal. You need to give these water theme parks a visit, as now is the time to try out something new or at least, something which you have not done since your childhood. The purpose for this list is to make you aware about the best and the biggest water theme parks, so that you can spare some time to give these exciting places a visit. On reading the facilities and the entertainment options in these parks, you are sure to be impressed. Here is the list of the 5 biggest water theme parks around the world.

5. Wild Wadi-UAE

The meaning of the word “wadi” is valley, so in lines to this it is evident that the name of the park offers a complete account about the activities you would be able to do. Located in Dubai, you can plan a visit to this wonderful place at any time of the year, but always be prepared to find a rush whenever you visit.

4. Caribbean Bay-South Korea

Initially the place had been opened in the year 1996, but till now it has been the center of a number of expansions. The water theme park you will see now is really on its perfect and prototype form. Whether it be the locals or the tourists, all of them do love to make a visit to this place. One of the features of this park, which attract the most number of people, is the Water Bobsleigh.

3. Blizzard Beach-The Walt Disney World Resort, USA

No matter you want to have some raft rides, exhilarating slides or any other related thing, the Blizzard Beach has it all for you. The prime attractions and places at this beach include Slush Gusher, Tobacco Racers and many more. It is best suited for visiting with your family or colleagues.

2. Chime-Long Paradise-China

The features and the beauty this water theme park offers is really out of the world. It also happens to be one of the most visited tourist hotspots in the area. Not to forget, the roller coaster, at this theme park, which is really amazing.

1. Typhoon Lagoon-USA

You can term this place as the ultimate and amazing water theme park known to the United States. Some of you might disagree with me on this, but as a matter of fact it remains the biggest water theme park in the world. There is no end to the ecstasy which the visitors and guests would be able to experience while being at this place. In all, the typhoon lagoon is the one attraction at this place which you cannot afford to miss.

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