10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Film Industry

If you happen to be in a habit of reading the people’s magazine, then surely you would be thinking that every person linked to the film industry is damn rich. This belief of yours might be true to some extent, as there are a number of highest paying jobs in the industry. But as always, not everyone would be able to make his or her mark without waxing in a number of years. On a yearly basis, thousands and thousands of people try to enter into the industry with the core intent of reaching the top. Almost all of them have a lot of zeal and spirit. In fact, some of them tend to get very cocky in terms of the skills and abilities. Yes, confidence and self-belief is the key, but to some extent, fate also has a role to play in determining the success one is able to bag while being a part of the industry. The top paying jobs happen to be the ones that demand some rare skills and talents. Whether it be direction, editing or screen writing, the user reviews and the gross earnings of the movie are going to determine your future. It is recommended that you stay realistic in terms of starting out career in the film industry. Here are the 10 highest paying jobs in the film industry.

10. Agents

Film agents are always paid well. In fact, agents linked to every sector are able to earn a handsome load of money. But as said before, the job is pretty demanding and you would need to go that extra mile in terms of doing something more in comparison to the thousands of competitors. In addition to the negotiation of the rates with the actors and actresses, these agents are also responsible for finding out scripts for the directors. Yes, not all agents might be engaged in the same kinds of jobs, but the one thing which happens to be common among all them is the high level of payout.

9. Multimedia Artists

The use of animations in the modern filming is something that almost every other movie tries to add in. In fact, some of the top grossing movies of all times happen to be centered on the use of animations. The huge amounts of profits which the animated movies are able to bag are the reasons for which the multimedia artists and designers are being paid heavily.

8. Cinematographer

No matter a film has the best director in the industry, the best actors and a handsome budget, but in the end the success is going to be determined on the basis of the movie image. The project is going to be a bust if the cinematographer is not committed to his job. This is the reason for which most of the film makers invest a lot in terms of hiring the best cinematographers.

7. Construction Manager

The construction managers are the ones responsible for the making of stages, structures and all other related necessities. They work in close collaboration with the production and set designers. In all, the construction managers need to have that rare prowess in order to get the job done with high levels of efficacy.

6. Art Director

The art director works in close link to the director and the producer in order to keep them updated about the sets and locations of the movie. In short, it is the duty of the art director to bring the vision of the film maker towards the screen. The job is indeed very daunting and demanding which is the reason there are nearly 2000 or less art directors in the entire film industry.

5. Actors

The actors are the ones who can be termed as the backbones for the success of any movie. You would be able to find a number of movies that failed despite of having pretty good storylines and scripts, all because the actor’s performances were not up to the mark. Not all actors are able to charge some large amounts and salaries for every film like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Tom Hanks and many more.

4. Film and Video Editors

When it comes to the performance of the most important and crucial jobs in the process of film making, then the role of the film editor can never be denied or undermined. All of the directors shoot hundreds of hours of videos which need to whittle out and down to a 90 minutes movie. So, in lines to this, the editor is the one to be held responsible for finding the scenes and shots which best offer the explanation of the movie.

3. Screen Writers

There are a number of manners in which the screen writers get engaged in the process of film making. The way they do this is that they write out a script and then start looking for the film agents and producers who would be interested in terms of making a film using the script. Moreover, some of the producers also tend to buy the scripts for being used in their upcoming projects and plans.

2. Director

Not every director might be successful like Christopher Nolan, Gore Verbinski, Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Ridley Scott and James Cameron. Most of the times, the directors are related to the financial side of the movie unless they happen to be the wearing the jacket of the producer-director. In addition to teaching the actors about how to read the lines and how to bring in the required emotion, he or she is also the one to be held responsible for the best representation of the script and related themes. Moreover, the director is also the one to decide about the number of takes that would be required before going towards the next scene.

1. Producer

There is no other person related to the film industry who earns more than the producer. In fact, the profits the producers are able to bag happen to be 4 to 5 times the amounts the director is able to earn. But this job might not be the one for those who do not have the courage to face some heavy losses. In other words, if the movie turns out to be a flop, then the producer would be the one who would be taking the hit.

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