The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Covers and Cases you should buy

It seems like the whole world is talking about the Samsung Galaxy S4 covers and cases. Although there are a number of countries in which the device hasn’t even reached the shelves till now, but still people are quite vigilant in terms of knowing all there is to know about this one of a kind android phone. It is also being said that Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best android phone to date. In a while, I would be sharing with you some amazing and awesome covers and cases for the galaxy s4. Surely, making use of these protective materials is something that can help you in saving your investment for a long time. You should never prefer to be added among those people who always go for the purchases of these covers after getting their mobile phone damaged. Just by adding a few dollars in terms of the purchase of this cases, you would be able to notch up the life of your android device. At the same time, there are a number of companies who are ready to improvise in terms of the launch of this really amazing device. The price tags of these materials do vary, but it all depends on you that which cover comes to fit your specific preferences and needs. The best thing about these covers and cases is the element of personalization and customization you would be able to incorporate into this device. In addition to looking at the internal features and goodies, the looks of a mobile phone should also be given attention. So, which of these covers are you going to buy? Here are the top ten best Samsung Galaxy S4 covers and cases which you should buy.

10. Urban Armor Gear for Galaxy S4

Inspired from the tech world and designed for humans are the words which can be used to define the looks of these covers.  Moreover, the designs of these cases are also quite awesome.

9. Speck SmartFlex Card-$ 34.95

You never know about the time when you would be dropping your mobile phone? So, before this could happen it is best that you make use of this amazing cover for your android device. The panel which has been added into the backside of the cover allows you to fit in your credit card and ID. In other words, you are no longer required to carry the bulky wallet with you. Now that’s what we call an all in one awesome case.

8. TPU Rubber Gel Skin Case-$ 10.99

In addition to being highly flexible, the material which has been used in terms of the manufacturing of this case happens to be marked for its everlasting durability. Moreover, the low price of this case is what that might appeal to all those Galaxy s4 users who are on a tight budget.

7. Waterfield Designs Suede Jacket-Starting at about $ 10

Here we have another cover which is known for its low price and the freedom of customization. You can purchase these covers in a number of different colors and design ranges.

6. Galaxy S4 Armband Belkin-$ 49.99

The soft micro fiber lining and other protective materials together come to make it superior in terms of 24/7 protection. That’s not all, as the best thing about it is the usage as an arm band.

5. SPIGEN SGP Metal Case-$ 28.99

The metal meshing and the black color, are the features that might appeal to many people. Furthermore, the case has been designed to facilitate the usage of all other features including speakers and all of the remaining parts together with an opening for the camera.

4. Silicone Gel Cover-$ 6.98

Yet again, this cover adds the element of psychic appeal into your mobile phone if purchased in the black color. The finishing materials which have been used are also quite amazing, all of which contribute towards the fantabulous appearance of this cover.

3. Tech21 Impact Mesh Samsung Galaxy S4-$ 29.99

The Tech21 Impactology cover has been built to offer protection. The materials which have been lined on the inside empower your mobile with a resistance from bumps and all other materials. It is also available in the smokey as well as dark blue colors.

2. Neo Hybrid Case-$ 28.99

The price is not a guarantee that you would be able to get the best covers and cases for your Samsung Galaxy S4. Polycarbonate materials, TPU cover and other top notch materials are what that contribute towards the excellent appearance of this case.

1. Samsung Flip Cover Folio Case-$ 59.99

Being at the number 1 spot is more often not an indication that something might be best purchase for you. The folio case had been ranked at the number 1 spot on the list all because of its cutting edge appearance, frontal opening for the screen and much more. Moreover, your cell phone will also respond in an automatic manner on opening the cover. That’s not all, as you would also be able to have all sorts of information right at your fingertips, missed calls, music player usage and details, battery status and much more.

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