10 Must Have Best Smartphones with the Longest Battery Life for 2013

The need for having a smartphone with the longest battery life is notched up in response to the need of having a better processing speed. Earlier this year, a number of smartphone analysts have said that we are now entering into the domains of the post smartphone era. The smartphone devices are used for a number of different purposes ranging from the communication to the non-communication purposes. It is also being said that nearly 350 million devices having specialized IP addresses would also be shipped till the end of the year 2013. As the present internet of things and devices is going to gain stronger grounds, a number of static products and devices would also start to connect with the dynamics of the modern world. So, in response to this form of connection between the users and the smartphone devices will give rise to some new challenges in terms of the interaction designs, more processing speed and also in terms of the battery life. As the digital world would become more embedded, it can be said that some more prototype and state of the art technologies would surface. The battery life of a smartphone can be classified among those features which the mobile users prefer to analyze at first. Surely, there is no use of a buying an android device which has a very small battery timing span. For the purpose of making things a bit easier for you, here I would be sharing with you the 10 must have best smartphone devices with the longest battery life for 2013.

10. Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

Loaded with a number of goodies and top class features, Samsung Galaxy S Blaze is an android phone which the 4G lovers can consider of buying. Now here, you might be a little anxious in terms of knowing about the nomenclature behind the blaze word. Simply speaking, it means a two-fold. The price of this mobile phone has been termed to be a bit lofty at times, but you never know when Samsung might induce a change in the pricing. The battery life for this device stands at about 7 hours in terms of talk time and nearly 230 hours for the stand by timing.

9. Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE

Here we have another impressive smartphone which can be purchased at a cheap price. This android phone is also available using the Sprint services, but it might not be suited to be used in those countries which lack the presence of 4G services. The talk time of this device is about 7 to 8 hours.

8. iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 is quite under discussion these days. The reason for which the launch of this device was given a lot of hype was all because of the titillation of the photos and the gossips about the features that were flooded on the internet even before the release. Till now, it is evident that iPhone 5 needs to re-energize customers in a manner like never before. Speaking of the battery life, its talk time for 2G connections is about 8 hours and the same for the 3G connections as well. Moreover, in terms of the music play, the battery life stumbles to about 40 hours.

7. HTC One VX

This affordable and out class android device is among those devices that truly serve the Android OS. It also packs a dual core processor together with a full featured camera. In terms of the battery life of this phone, it is marked for having a talk time of about 9 hours or a bit more. Although there is no sort of official data that might be readily available in terms of its timing for 2G and 3G connections, but according to a number of different sources, the battery life is about 9 to 10 hours.

6. Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro

With a really though building mechanism and a fast processing speed, Rugby Pro can be availed at quite a competitive price range. It is among the most preferred 4G LTE phones these days, but it all depends whether you like it or not keeping in view the goodies it offers you in a single package. The pros of the mobile include durable design, good performance and really fast 4G speeds. While the cons might be the old ice cream sandwich version, slow camera or some others. The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro stands at about 11 hours of talk time on 2G connections and around the same number of hours on 3G. The battery timing on the 4G connections is also quite good in comparison to a number of other android devices.

5. LG Optimus L9

Termed to be an affordable and mediocre level android handset. Just when people started to speculate that the company was finished with the launch of the Optimus L series, a surprise came through the launch of this device. It is of the most appeal to the shoppers and users who are on a tight budget. Apart from the 5 MP camera and a dual core, the battery life is also quite good standing at about 12 hours on 2G and 11 h 40 minutes on the 3G connections.

4. HTC One X Plus

HTC One X Plus can be described as a smartphone which is just elegant, stylish and astoundingly fast. It was also one of the first smartphones that made use of the quad core processor. Since then, you might have seen a number of devices having the quad cores waxed inside them. For the battery life, official estimates say that the battery life lasts for about 12 hours 45 minutes in terms of talk time and around 360 hours of stand-by.

3. Samsung Galaxy SIII

Known to be the android phone which totally outplayed iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII is preferred for a number of different reasons. One reason included in the preference patterns is the superior battery life. The talk time for this mobile is around 21 hours 40 minutes on 2G and around 11 hours 40 minutes in terms of the 3G connection.

2. Motorola Droid Razor Maxx HD

Motorola is quite seen in terms of keeping its iconic razor name alive. Known for its stunning lucks and an amazing battery life, the Droid Razor Maxx HD is best suited for the 4G enthusiasts who love to enjoy a superior battery life together with an accelerating performance. You can even make use of the 4G networks the entire day and would still be able to find nearly 10 to 20 % timing on the battery. The talk time of this device stands at about 32 hours which is really much more than most of the android devices in the world.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note II

Now here we have an amazing smartphone device, best known for its best battery life among all the android devices. The device is just enormous and fantastic no matter what the iPhone enthusiasts might have to say about it. Its display stands about 5.5 inches, but after making use of the phone for a few days you might consider all other devices to be tiny and inferior. The talk time on 2G connections for this device is about 35 hours and for 3G connections the battery life is about 16 hours. So, by far, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is the best smartphone when it comes having the longest battery life. The battery timing is the same or quite similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S4.



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