Top 10 Most Affordable Hotels in Dubai – 2013

So are you planning a vacation or a spa trip to the captivating Dubai? If that is the case, then here I have a list of the most affordable hotels in the land of Dubai. Tourism in Dubai is considered to be an integral component of the government’s strategy in terms of notching the economy of the state. It also happens to be the most populous of all the emirates located in UAE. The accommodation facilities and hotels are also quite sufficient in the region due to which you should never hesitate in planning a trip to this part of the world. For those of who are visiting the emirate for the first time, let me tell you that it happens to be the most famous and popular shopping destination of the world as reported by the most recent survey. Below I would be sharing you some of the most affordable hotels for lodging in Dubai for 2013. Here they are.

10. Holiday Inn Express Holiday

As suggested by the name, this Inn is best suited for those who wish to save a handsome amount of their earnings. It is quite a cheap place to lodge which is one of the reasons for which you should consider it. Not to worry, as the facilities offered here are more than enough.

9. Arabian Park Hotel

Classified to be a 3 star hotel of the region, the Arabian Park Hotel is located very close to the Dubai International Airport. The location of this place is also optimal for those who do not wish to be stuck in the traffic. All the rooms in the hotel are equipped with the required facilities and services. It should be your prime choice for staying, especially for those who visit this emirate for numerous short term trips.

8. K-Porte Inn

Although it might not be the best place to stay for those who love to enjoy the beach view and random trips to the tourist hotspots, but the area in which it is located would force you to go for a booking. The authorities of the hotel claim to provide clean and tidy rooms with superior services 24/7. Surely, it is not the Warren Buffet and Donald Trump-type kind of hotel, but it is best suited for those who are tight on their budget.

7. Meena Plaza Hotel

Considered to be one of the cheapest hotels by a number of guides and trip planning websites, it lies very close to Bur Dubai. Almost all of the rooms have been equipped with attached baths, ACs and much more.

6. Capitol Hotel

Although this hotel is the one with 4 stars, but you would be amazed to know that the cost per night stay in this hotel is quite affordable. Moreover, the services offered by the authorities are also quite warm and truly awesome. The beachside is also located quite close to the hotel, which should be enough for your rationalization in terms of booking for this hotel.

5. Ibis World Trade Centre

The Ibis World Trade Centre is termed to be one of the classy hotels of the area, especially among the ones that are located on the Sheikh Zayed Road. Numerous amenities and tourist destinations also lie pretty close to this hotel. There are several other entertainment areas that also lie close to it.

4. Premier Inn

The Premier Inn is a part of a hotel chain linked to Britain. The reason for the fame of this chain of hotels lies in the element of affordability together with the quality services they offer to people from all corners of the world. It is also suited for those who are there for business or for some short term trips.

3. Courtyard By Marriot-Green Community

Now here we have a hotel that offers luxury together with higher levels of affordability. You would be amazed to know that it is a 4 star hotel. All of them rooms are exceptional and top quality which you are sure to find no place else. In addition to having a number of meeting rooms, the hotel also boasts of having an exotic swimming pool.

2. Hyatt Regency Dubai

This hotel is known to be the one which offers superior and quality 5 star services at quite affordable prices. It is located very close to the city center in the Deira District of the emirate. The first mega mall of Dubai is also located very close to the hotel. There are a number of season based offers which you would love to use depending upon the time of the year in which you visit. The facilities offered by them include Club Olympus Spa, a golf course, refined cuisines and much more, all available at quite affordable prices.

1. Novotel World Trade Centre

With a number of off peak and on peak seasonal deals and discounts, Novotel World Trade should be the top preference for those who have a medium sized budget with them. It is a part of the Dubai Convention and is located just off the famous Sheikh Zayed Road. With an amazing outdoor swimming pool, gym, freevalet parking and with a number of bars and restaurants, this hotel might turn out the best one for you.

So, now you know about the most affordable and budget friendly hotels in Dubai for 2013 that can be termed to be the most affordable. But it is still recommended that you continue some more research in this regard in order to get the best deal in Dubai which is in lines to your budget.

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