Top 7 Best Waterproof Gadgets

These one of a kind and modern water proof gadgets will surely make you think about their purchase. The best water proof gadgets come in all forms and sizes. Some of them might be termed to be quirky, but to say the least, all of them can make things a bit easier for us. The tech geeks all over the world are always found looking and stumbling for the most amazing gadgets and devices they could lay their hands on. This list will surely prove to be appealing to all those who live and breathe technology. If you are the kind of person who loves to adore the products of the tech world, you will surely love these fascinating and excellent water proof gadgets. Most of them can be bought at quite competitive prices, but firstly you would need to consider whether or not you want them. Surely, there are a number of them in this list of the 7 best water proof gadgets you might have never heard of.

7. Belkin Washable Computer Mouse

Known to be an optical mouse that can be washed, the Belkin Washable Mouse is compatible for usage on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and many other platforms. All you need to use is water and some soap to make it shine. You can easily purchase this mouse at amazon.

6. Sony Xperia Acro S

The Sony Xperia Acro S is a water resistant android phone which comes with some amazing specs. With a 12.1 MP camera and with the ability to remain unharmed in 1 meter depth of water, this water proof gadget should be included in your wish list. You also do not need to worry for any sort of dust particles entering into the inner of your mobile, as The Acro S encapsulates the best dust proof mechanisms and structures. Moreover, the device can also sustain the pressure from the water jets.

5. FrontGate Scuba MP3 Player

The mermaids would definitely love to purchase this one of a kind MP3 player. The one thing that this gadget does best is to empower you to listen your favorite tunes under water. The same applies to the headphones which are also water resistant. With a built in amplifier and a superior memory storage, this water proof gadget costs for about $ 199.99. The device will be able to work to a limit of 200 feet below water.

4. FujiFilm Finepex XP100 Digitical Camera

Being able to take shots to a depth of about 10 meters, this special camera is another top notch water proof gadget to consider. In addition to being dust proof, the device also boasts of being freeze proof up to -10 degree C. For those of you who have an innate love for cameras, the XP100 Digital Camera is a sure-to-consider purchase. Not to forget the superb quality photos you would be able to take. No matter you are at a dirt bike race or take a dive in some lake, this gadget should always be with you for saving the moments of awe and wonder.

3. The Casino Men’s Marine Ana-Digi 8Dive Watch

What is the point in buying a watch which is expensive just for its name? The Marine Ana Digi 8dive watch is definitely worth your investment, as it packs loads and loads of amazing features and functions. In addition to being scratch resistant, the device is also capable to work down to a depth of 100 meters. The marine researchers should consider to have this watch with them at all times.

2. Motorola MT352TPR Giant FRS 2 Way Radio

With the ability to withstand and endure the splashing water, this out of the line radio is the top choice when it comes to the battery life and reception. It is best suited for all your outdoor excursions as you will never feel the need to recharge it on a daily basis. The components included in it are 3 radios, 3 belt clips, 2 mini usb connectors, 1 user guide and a lot more. With the option of free shipping, you can get this device at a price of about $ 135 at amazon.

1. Nuu Splash Wireless Speaker

This speaker is best suited at times when you plan to hold a pool party at your home. How amazing might the atmosphere be when you would be mesmerizing your friends and all other people with some top of the line rap and pop music? This outclass Bluetooth based speaker has been designed to water and dust proof. Moreover, the battery time of the device is about 10 hours, which is surely more than enough for a party. At the same time, you also have the freedom to purchase this device in a number of different colors including red, gray and deep black. So, why not purchase some of these excellent and best water proof gadgets?

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