Top 5 Deadliest Submarines in the World

The importance of submarines in the times of war is highly evident. Even in the times of the WWI and WWII, all the countries involved were in search of the technologies that would help in countering the enemy submarines. In lines to this, both defensive as well offensive measures were brought into action for destroying the attacks coming from under water. The submarines can also be termed as the U-Boats that can pose a major threat to the enemy ships. Initially, there were no effective means present for tracing out these boats, but with the entry of the United States in the WWI, a number of destroyers were made available for locating and destroying these under water boats. Now, after so many years, you can only imagine the potential harm and destruction that the modern submarines can cause. With nuclear capable equipment and mechanisms, there are a number of deadliest submarines that are currently being used by countries like China, USA, Russia and many more. Nearly 30 % of the Japanese ships had been destroyed by the US submarines in WWII. According to some analysts and historians, Japanese economy had been heavily influenced by the millions of tons of shipping that the US submarines had sunk. In this list, I have tried to add the 5 deadliest submarines in the world keeping in view their capabilities. Here is the list of the most dangerous submarines.

5. Astute Class-UK

The submarines included in this class are considered to be the most powerful nuclear capable U-boats. Presently, a number of these submarines are being used by the Royal Navy. This class of submarines boast of having a stowage of nearly 38 weapons and bombing systems. They also make use of the tomahawk missiles which have the power to destroy their targets within a few meters to well over 1000 meters range. The astute combat management system is more like an evolved version of the submarine command system that had been used in the past models and designs. In addition, the class is also equipped with DESO 25-high precision echo sounders.

4. Type 093-Shang Class-China

The type 093 submarines is another nuclear capable submarine that has been constructed and engineered by the People’s Republic of China. The size of the submarines included in this class is about 110 meters. Moreover, these U-boats can dive to a depth of 400 meters or more. It has been armed with a number of torpedo tubes together with the land attack cruise missiles. Presently, only three units of this class are active, but the Chinese are planning to have some more deployed. Not to forget that the submarines in this class are also known to have an unlimited range.

3. Seawolf Class-US

Now here we have one of the most agile and devastating nuclear attack submarines. The class is considered to be the successor of the famous Los Angeles Class. There was a time in which nearly 29 units had been made to meet the challenges of the cold war, but due to some economic constraints the production had been cancelled in the year 1995. On the surface, it can travel at a speed of about 18 knots. When submerged, it can travel at the speed of about 35 knots, which is really fast in comparison to most of the submarines. It has the ability to carry nearly 50 torpedo missiles together with a number of cruise missiles.

2. Akula II Class-Russia

This nuclear powered attack submarine had been first deployed by Russia in the year 1986. The class is also name under the name of the snow leopard. In Russian, the meaning of the word Akula is Shark. Presently, 9 of these submarines are being used by the Russian Navy. While submerged, this submarine can travel at the top speed of about 33 knots. Not to forget the power torpedo and cruise missiles which it has. Moreover, this submarine is also capable of deploying 42 mines. A number of other variants of this class are also being produced by Russia, so we can expect to see some more deadly submarines.

1. Virginia Class-USA

The Virginia class submarines are still being used by the US Navy, primarily because of the advanced weaponry and surveillance systems these machines have. Initially, they were considered to be a less expensive U-boat in comparison to the seawolf class. The equipment is used include the high speed turbo charged engines, fiber optic ship control systems, command and control modules, propulsion devices, components for giving the maximum depth and a number of acoustic devices. The top speed of this submarine is about 25 knots. Moreover, the range of this deadliest submarine is also unlimited. It can dive to a depth of more than 800 meters.

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