Top 5 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S4

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was quite theatrical to say the least. For those who are in search of some reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S4, below I would be providing enough of them. But before we stumble to the rationalizations, there are a number of other things you need to consider. Most of the tech geeks and analysts are of the view that the staging of Samsung Galaxy S4 had been done in a manner that points out the probable split of the company from Google and most probably, from the Android world. At times of the product none of the officials and executives had said anything about Google and its role in attracting the users towards the smartphone apps. The services that the company has announced to offer in this most anticipated mobile phone include a number of software with an “S” in front of them. Well, it is all justified for me, as iPhone has always been doing the same for quite some time now. Surely, the users would be able to part of an enjoyable and exciting experience while making use of the Galaxy S4. Moreover, you can also expect to have some never before features and goodies in this one of a kind smartphone. Now, for those among you who are still looking for some plausible explanations and reasons in terms of making this purchase, here are the top 5 reason to buy Samsung Galaxy S4.

5. The Powerful Camera

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been equipped with a powerful 13MP camera at the back together with a 2MP camera at the front end. Now the users should know that they would be able to print out a number of high quality photos without worrying for the pixel quality. After reading about this feature, the photo taking enthusiasts would indeed be interested in purchasing the Galaxy S4.

4. An Awesome and Amazing Display

The display of Samsung Galaxy S4 is in lines to what the users had expected. Ray Soneira, who is the president of the Display Analysis and a software calibration company is of the view that it is a good sign that Samsung has cared to include the Chromaticity Diagram in terms of the adaptive screen settings. The S3 users should now start thinking about going for the new version.

3. The Price

Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to hit the European mobile phone markets in the start of April. The price range for the mobile would be around 600 to 650 euros and can be more, as Samsung always has an explanation in terms of the prices they charge. The final price after all the taxes would fall around $620 (£409). But as always the prices are expected to fall down if in case the resulting sales are not up to the mark which the company expects. In lines to the prices which are being seen or speculated, it would turn out to be a reasonable purchase for all the Samsung Galaxy Fans. It is also important to note here that the prices that are being seen in UK, Galaxy S4 can be termed to be cheaper in comparison to the iPhone 5. Surely, the prices in the European regions raise a number of questions, but nothing can be said for sure at this time.

2. Super AMOLED Display of 4.99 Inches and Specs

The super huge display of Samsung Galaxy S4 makes it quite larger in comparison to the iPhone 5. The quality of the display and the features are being offered in it, including the robust memory together with all other features, are more than enough to give Apple a tough competition. The radios that are being offered in both of them also happen to be of high quality, but in terms of the storage options, Samsung Galaxy S4 offers an additional option for storage of about 64 GB. Moreover, the screen is also quite amazing in the sunlight in comparison to the iPhone 5 whose display washes out in the sunlight. Surely, Samsung Galaxy S4 is the more powerful phone, as the features and specs that are being offered have been designed to attract users for a long time. As the mobile and online gambling industry has escalated massively with the rise in numbers of smartphones being purchased over the last couple of years, the bigger screen will especially be good news for fans of gambling on the go. Sites like LuckyNugget already offer a huge selection of games for smartphones and other portable gadgets, compatible with android. You can take a shot at classics like poker, roulette or blackjack and a great collection of slots games theme to whatever your interest is. Most online casinos also offer great sign-up bonuses.  This is reason enough for gamblers around the world to invest in this new Samsung phone.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Processor-Powerful Processing

In terms of the internal analysis, it is not surprising to find Qualcoom at the inside. The processor that is being used in the device is the Exynos 5 Octa, which is really going to hone the gadget’s performance. The architecture of the processor has been shown to be based on Cortex A-15. While the mobile would be used, the power consumption would be lowered down by 70 % and the performance would be notched, all through the use of the various cores. In simple, Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to use 8 CPU cores, thus giving the users a cutting edge performance. So, now you do have a number of reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S4.



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