Top 10 Most Popular Brands of Sports Shoes for 2013

The most popular brands in the domain of sports shoes are the ones that are worn by the most famous athletes. Moreover, a number of bids are scheduled in order to provide the athlete with the sports shoes he is going to wear for his games. It is all done so that the athlete might endorse them and advertise them, thus leading to the boom in the sales. Sports fans indeed love to buy the shoes their favorite athletes wear for their games. So, it can be said that endorsement and cocky advertisements are what that lead to the fame of any sports brand. The amounts which are paid to the athletes for carrying out the job are like peanuts in front of the resulting sales. Moreover, some of the sports fans are so obsessed with the shoes that they are willing to pay any amount just to get their hands on the shoes. There might be numerous facets to this form of rationalization that is carried out by the sports fans. In lines to this following trend among the sports fans, here I have compiled the list of the 10 most famous and popular brands of sports shoes for the year 2013. Here they are.

10. Wilson

In addition to making a number of high quality shoes, the company is also marked for making sports equipment and various forms of sports apparel. The history of the company goes many years back, which is one of the reason for which they have made their mark among the top notch sports brands in the world.

9. Asics

The literal meaning of the name of the company is healthy soul. But are the athletes who wear these shoes really healthy? The company traces its origins to the land of the rising where it had been established in the year 1949 by the name of Panmure Co. Ltd. It producers sports equipment for the sports including football, tennis, netball, golf, cricket, volleyball and many more.

8. Puma

It is a fact that Puma brand had been launched by a German Company which had later onwards split into the top sports shoe brands. Initially, Puma exceled in terms of producing sports shoes, but had later on expanded the domains of production. The history of the company can be traced to the points in which the inhumane Nazis used to rule Germany.

7. K-Swiss

The company had been founded in the year 1966 in Los Angeles. Known to be the 1st company in terms of producing tennis shoes, K-Swiss is all about quality and high fi designs. There are a number of reasons for which the company had managed to establish itself as one of the famous brands of sports shoes in the world all because of its classical designs and stripe customization options.


6. Fila

The company had been originally established in the year 1911. Being one of the largest and well known sports shoes production companies, Fila boasts of having its offices in more than 11 countries. The shoes its manufactures include the ones used in tennis, baseball, basketball etc.

5. New Balance

Known by the name of New Balance Athletic Shoes INC. had been founded in the year 1906. The company is known to have its production presence in the US as well UK. Moreover, a number of European countries also fall in the limits of the sales. One of the most popular models produced by the company include the 990 model, which has been subject to some huge sales. Furthermore, it is also one of those popular brands of sports shoes that excel in offering shoes in various sizes and ranges.

4. Converse

Being an American shoes company, Converse has been active since the start of the 20the century. It had been launched by Marquis Mills who used to a manager in some footwear company. Soon after the end of WWII, Converse shifted its attention towards the production of products that will exhibit the true American culture. There have numerous ups and downs in the profits of the company. In the year 2001 the company had even filed for bankruptcy. But very soon it was able to get back into pace. One of the famous sports shoes produced by the company include “the Weapon” which had been worn by Magic Johnson as well as Larry Bird.

3.  Reebok

A profitable subsidiary of Adidas, Reebok had been launched in the year 1895. The founder had originally come up with the idea in lines to his sons desire to have some sports shoes. Initially, the company’s name was different till the year 1958, when the grandsons of the founder had renamed it to Reebok, a word with African origins. Reebok has known to have endorsed some of the world’s most famous sports athletes and stars till now including Lewis Hamilton, Sidney Crosby, Thierry Henry, Vince Young and many more.

2. Adidas

Adidas is a German company, famous for the production of some of the world’s best sports shoes. In addition to producing sports shoes, the company is also quite active in the manufacturing of shirts, watches, bags and some other sports related equipment. Being the largest manufacturer in Germany in the domain of sportswear, Adidas is also quite prestigious in terms of being the 2nd largest and most profitable sportswear manufacturer in the world.

1. Nike, INC.

Being the most profitable and most popular sports brand in the year 2013, Nike is known for the production sports shoes, apparel and various other sports related equipment. The revenue of the company is believed to be in an excess of $ 24.1 billion. Moreover, the company also has nearly 44,000 employees all over the world. Initially the company had been founded by the name of Blue Ribbon Brands, but in the year 1978 it had been renamed to Nike. So, which company are you going to select among the most popular brands of sports shoes?



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