Top 5 Most Expensive Weapons

Almost all of the countries in the world are looking to manufacture and utilize some of the most expensive weapons. Surely, since the times of the WWII, a major advancement has been seen in the sectors of weaponry. There was a time when Russia seemed to lead all others in the race of the most deadly and expensive weapons, but now the game is quite different. Every other country has allocated a major portion of its economy for the sake of improving its defense. Another reason, for which countries place a great deal of investment in the making of the weapons, is to prepare themselves for times of War. In the present times, no one knows when the world is going to experience the WWIII. Now here, some of the weapon manufacturers are of the view that the cause for which they make such weapons is just to for the purpose of their safety. The same was also asserted for the first nuclear weapons, but there came a time when they were used for wiping out thousands of people in a matter of a few seconds. There has been a never ending debate on the issue of making some of the most sophisticated and expensive weaponry. Apart from this, my prime intent here is to give you some information about the 5 most expensive weapons. Here is the list.

5. F/A-18 E/F-Super Hornet-US $ 66.9 Million-Per Unit Cost

With the ability to carry air to air as well as air to ground missiles, The Super Hornet is the backbone the US navy these days. There are also a number of other variants of these fighter planes that are now being produced. It also has a top speed of about 1900 KM/H. McDonnell Douglas and Boeing Defense are the manufacturers of these fighter plane. In comparison to its speed, Russia has also produced a number of planes which are quite agile, but still this fighter plane remains one of the deadliest. The US indeed is the only country which is in the lead in terms of having the most expensive weapons in the present era.

4. F-22 Raptor-US $ 150 Million-Per Unit Cost

Now here is the fighter plane that has the ability to annihilate the target even before the opponents can track it. Some even say that this stealth plane can travel much faster than the speed of sound itself. Moreover, this fifth generation plane is also capable of ground attack, uses signal intelligence mechanisms and various forms of electronic warfare. The plane had been first introduced to the world by the United States Air Force.

3. Virginia Class Submarine-US $ 2.5 Billion-Per Unit Cost

Known to be the fastest nuclear capable submarine, Virginia Class is currently being used by the United States Navy. The reason for which this submarine had been designed was to carry out various oceanic operations. It moves at a speed of about +23 knots i.e. 29 MPH. Moreover, one of the world’s best sonar systems are being used by this submarine, which further make it a lethal weapon. It is also believed for the making of a single unit of this sophisticated submarine, nearly 9 million working hours are required. The cost for a single unit of this submarine is around $ 2.5 billion.

2. Arleigh Burke DDG 51 Destroyer-US $ 101.8 Billion

This first class destroyer ship has been made using the Aegis Combat System. The ship has been named in the memory of Admiral Arleigh Burke, who was the most famous naval officer and a hero of the WWII. In addition to having an advanced tracking system, the ship also utilized a number of anti-aircraft rockets, harpoon missiles and an advanced anti-submarine system. Till now 62 ships have been manufacturer in the class, almost all of which are being used by The US Navy.

1. Lock Heed Martin F-35 Lightning II-US $326.5 Billion

This multirole fighter is really one of the best combat planes in the world and almost every country these days would love to own a few of these. With an awesome super-sonic speed, advanced missile and tracking systems, there are a number of versions of this fighter plane, all of which have been designed for different purposes. Moreover, the bombs they carry have the ability to travel faster than any other missile. Surely, this plane has the right to be termed as faster than the speed of sound, due to which it holds the number 1 spot in terms of the most expensive weapons.


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