Top 5 Most Expensive IWC Watches

You might have heard about some gadget freaks who are always in the pursuit of some of the expensive IWC watches. IWC, as they say it, is really one of the best in the present times. The company was launched many decades back by a man named Florentine Jones. IWC stands for International Watch Company which had named by the same guy. Although the company has faced a lots of ups and downs in the business world, still it has managed to make its mark as an elite class luxury watch company. You might come across some people who are obsessed with the watches that the company manufactures. The company not only manufactured watches for the regular people, but also for pilots who were on missions in the World War II. Moreover, being an expensive company, the company now only produces the best watches you are ever going to find in the watch making industry. Having said this, here are top 5 most expensive and best IWC watches.

5. IWC Portuguese Mystery Tourbillon Retrograde-$ 136,000

The price of the watch is self-explanatory about the quality you can expect in this extra-large sized watch. The power reserve of the watch is also around more than 150 hours, which is another feature for which you would want to go for the watch. Other features which define this elegant watch including sapphire glass back, display of the power reserve, leather strap, automatic winding functions and much more.

4. IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Squellette-$ 185,000

Regarded by Carmelo Anthony the watch of the day, this grand watch is marked with only pieces that have been produced. In addition to having some high class sapphire crystals all around the structure, it also a platinum dial. Other features include mechanical movement, floating minutes tourbillion, an extra ordinary winding system, platinum and gold parts and much more accurately depict the class of this watch.

3. IWC Grande Complication Perpetual-$ 240,000

Consisting of more than 600 mechanical components and a top quality display, Portuguese Grande is marked for its more than 20 functions and a limited release. The company only produces of this watch once a year due to which it would not be so easy for you to get a hold of the watch. It also includes a silver plated dial, red gold materials and arched edge, all of which add a lot to the royal looks of this watch.

2. IWC Grande Complication Platinum-$ 318,000

Nearly 50 pieces are released in the market on a yearly basis, so you can imagine the competition that might be witnessed among the luxury freaks for getting their hands on this watch. With a platinum case, more than 600 automatic parts and with a mechanically programmed calendar till the year 2499, IWC Grande might be the right one for you. If you think that this watch is real expensive, then just take a look at the price of the watch that is on number 1.

1. IWC Siderdale Scafusia-$ 750,000

Believed to be produced by a number of top class watch makers and experts, this watch can be regarded to be the most complicated and expensive ever to be produced by the company in the span of more than 100 years. The astronomical displays, perpetual calendar, a strong power reserve, a constant force tourbillion that offer a view of the running seconds, displays about the horizon, pin pointers about the day, night, sunset, sunrise and with the option of associating your current position with the watch, Siderdale Scafusia is indeed the most expensive watch to be produced by IWC. I hope you liked this list of the most expensive IWC watches.


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