10 Awesome Tech Inventions of 2012

The present world is marked by some of the most awesome tech inventions each of which has its own role in the shaping of our lives. The technology geeks are always found looking for something new and amazing for the satisfaction of their technology mediated impulses. Yes, it is an established fact that those who love technology always feel a compulsion of tracing out the best tech inventions of the present times. The scientists and inventors have made promises to us that very soon we would be able to fly in cars, enjoy a vacation on the Moon, walking on Uranus, teleportation devices and much more. But it only the time that is going to determine the validity of these claims and it can be said with some confidence that some of the unthinkable concepts would be achieved. Human beings do get skeptic about everything that tries to go out of the norms or the conventions of the society. But history clearly states all most of the things people used to consider in the past have made possible now. Another example of the things we would soon be able to do is dream linking, through which we would be able to share our dreams with other people.  Yes, all of this does appears to be crazy, but it can be done. After having said this, let us now get back into the year 2012. The purpose of this list is to share with you the 10 awesome and amazing tech inventions of 2012. Here they are.

10. Fuel Cell Powered Macbooks

The battery time of the all the portable devices has been an issue from the start, but now a solution to this problem is available in the market. All you would need is to buy the fuel cell powered Macbooks which make use of hydrogen as energy source, thus guaranteeing a lot more battery time.

9. Electronic Cotton

The device makes use of cotton for the conduction of electricity and for monitoring our health at constant intervals. In short, this device would function in the clothes you wear for the detection of a number of physiological problems.

8. Super Memory Drugs

The prime purpose of this drug would be to enhance the way memory is encoded and consolidated. In other words, by making use of such drugs you would be able to enhance your short term as well as long term memory. Very soon some full fledge experiments would indeed be carried out on humans.

7. Hybrid Computer Gamepads

For the gaming enthusiasts and lovers, here is an invention that is really appealing. From the looks of it, it appears like a gaming mouse, but let me tell you that it is much more than that. The device is named as the Chameleon X1, which is indeed the first of its kind having a number wireless buttons and options for superior gameplay.

6. Transparent Touchpads for Laptops

Most of the top notch industries are now competing in making laptops with transparent touchpads. The core material used in making of such touchpads is a high quality glass. Many years back, you would have only seen this in movies, but now it is time to use it in reality.

5. 3D Printer

For those who love to have printouts of all the 3D photos and images in the highest quality and exactly as they are, this printer is the one you should purchase. The entire design and internal structure makes use of some of the top state of the art materials and technologies, thus giving you some of the highest quality photos and prints.

4. “If I Die” App

This app has been designed for those who would love to leave a message to all their contacts on facebook if they die suddenly. Nobody knows when death is going to come on them, so why not make use of this app.

3. Fujitsu Lifebook

You might have heard about the laptops, palmtops, but now is the time to see the lifebooks. The thing which makes this laptop different from its previous technologies is that it would be able to store your iPhone, smartphones, digital camera and some other devices entirely in its body.

2. Nao Next Generations Bots

This robot has been invented by the Aldebaran Robotics with two inbuilt HD cameras. So, what makes this bot different from all others? Well, this robot would be able to carry out full fledge conversations with you and would also be able to recognize your face at any time. Moreover, this robot is also able to walk with you on the street or at any other place. You can also play a few games with it if you like.

1. The Live Shell

The live shell is a more like an add-on device through which you would be able to stream live and exclusive on the internet without making use of a computer or a laptop. The device sends all the images and audio clips to Ustream by making use of a Wifi adapter.



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