10 Weirdest World Records in 2012

Guinness world book of records is one of the most popular books in the world. This book records the current achievement of a person or people in a certain field. Most of which includes art, literature, sports, entertainment, music and a lot more. However, what makes it more interesting is that there are records that are part of the history which are quite different from what we call “Normal”. What I’m talking about here are those weirdest records that are included in the book. To know more about it, feel free to scroll down and look at the top 10 weirdest world records in 2012.




Have you tried to throw stones to the beehives? Well I’m sure you don’t and you won’t bother. Well this person takes it further than just picking with the den of bees. He actually got most of the bees covered his body. The beekeeper from China named She Ping got one of the weirdest world records for having 33kg of bees’ covers his entire body. Sounds stupid right? On April 18, 2012 he got the record at the Municipality of Chongqing in China. Instead of beating up the hive, he used a burning incense to remove the bees from his face. He is covered with the dangerous bees just to break a world record. At 32 years old, this guy took approximately 331,000 bees beating the current world record of 26.8 kg of bees by Jiangxi in Ruan Lianming last 2008




What if you spin a ball with your finger for a longer period of time? Sounds simple right? But this Guy Thaneshwar Guragai from Kathmandu just did the nearly impossible thing. He spins the ball (which is simple) but it spins above the toothbrush (quite hard) while holding the toothbrush using his mouth (incredibly superb) for approximately 22.41 seconds. Last April 19, 2012, Thaneshwar Guragai had beaten the current world record by Thomas Connors of United Kingdom for 13.5 seconds.



Are you looking for a gown to your very own wedding? Well I’m sure you will have enough for these worlds’ Guinness record for the longest wedding dress ever made. It has a total length of 2,750 meters which is the same as the total length of their local train. Last March 20, 2012 at Bucharest was the event was held to attempt breaking the current record which is 2,488 meters long. It was done in front of the Parliament palace were approximately 4,700 meters of materials is used with exact 1,857 needles to stitch it up. It took them about 100 days to finish the gown.




Dwarfism is a metabolic disorder that is caused by growth hormones. Stunted growth is the manifestation for this problem. There are many people who laugh at people who are short. How about this guy who was given the certificate from Guinness World Record for being the shortest person alive? Yes it’s true. Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Kathmandu was measured last February 26, 2012. He stands 21.5 inches approximately 54.60 cm beating the current record for shortest man alive in the Philippines named Junrey Balawing who stands 23.5 inches or 60 cm.



Another weird records have been awarded to Samat Hasan of Zhanjiajie in the province of Hunan last April 25, 2009. He got the tightrope walking Guinness World Record by walking on a 700 meters long or 2300 feet rope with an approximately 3.1 centimeters or 1.2 inches in diameter. This 24 year old stuntman walks the rope with a gradient of 39 degrees. He successfully had beaten the current world record for aerial tightrope walking after the recent attempt which was held last October.




Have you seen a heavyweight condiment? What I’m trying to talk here is an Onion that weighs more than 8kgs. Can you imagine how big it is? Whether you believe it or not but in Northern England, a record was given to Pete Glazebrook last September 16, 2011. He got the Guinness World Record for heaviest onion ever noted. The onion weighs a total of 17 pounds and 15.5 ounces or 8.150 kg. The even took place during the 100th Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.




I’m sure you hate to have longer nails. You tend to trim it as soon as it reaches beyond your fingers. Well how about this world title holder from New York, USA? Chris Walton also known as The Duchess took the title last September 14, 2011 for having the World’s Longest Fingernails ever recorded. She confidently shows her fingernails outside the Public Library in New York City. The approximate length of her fingernails is measures 10 feet and 2 inches on the left hand and 9 feet and 7 inches from the other side. She claimed that she had been growing this for 18 years.




Chess is considered as the game of the weird. But I disagree with that. This logical board game was used as one of the World’s Record. Alik Gershon from Tel Aviv took the record last October 21, 2010. He played against 525 opponents at the same time. Can you imagine him moving from one player to another? In order for him to take the Guinness World Record, he must defeat an approximately 80% of the total opponent. That is 420 opponents to be defeated. The event was held by an Iranian.




Have you tried to move your own trolley full of clothes and other personal items during your travel? I’m sure you do. It’s very tiring. But how about this World’s Largest Trolley Case in Guangzhou China? Last October 15, 2006 the staff members of the Chinese Export Commodities Fair moved the trolley during its 100 years of service. The phenomenal trolley has been recognized by the Guinness World Record and it measures an approximately 175 cm or 5 feet and 9 inches by 115 cm or 3 feet and 9.3 inches by 46 cm or 1 foot and 6.1 inches thick. Whew! I hate numbers but this sounds super cool!




Last but not the least, taking the top spot is the World’s Most Pierced Man. Rolf Bucholz of Dortmund, Germany last October 24, 2011 as he posed in the camera showing off his 453 piercings. It sounds incredible and painful but this totally rocks the entire countdown.

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