Top 10 Most Affordable Laptops

Nowadays, children are becoming techy. It is because of the fast influencing power of the environment where we are adopting the technological advancement. This includes the communicating devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets. Parents will do their best to provide the needs of their children. If one day a child asks you to buy him/her a laptop, you don’t need to worry. I have listed here the 10 most affordable laptops that have impressive features. To all techy people out there, I’m sure you did not miss this.





Dell Vostro V131

Slipped away from the snooping looks of most avid clients on the website of Dell you’ll discover the lineup of Vostro notebooks. These may be enhanced towards experts who have advanced outlooks for excellence and features but most its hardware utilized is equal to what is involved in the marketing of the Inspirons. Certainly, numerous who are used to purchasing from Dell know to choose the Vostro and pages of Latitude to get the greatest worth for their cash. It may resemble counter-intuitive to push ordinary customers towards expert oriented merchandises.





This magnificent laptop is one of Sony’s best. It has various features that are compacted with best hardware. With its dual core DVD rewritable feature that allows the user to burn movies and music. It has better sound experience with the Sony VPC VAIO HDMI audio and video output that lets you use it and connect to any EB VAIO HDTV to get a more pressing multimedia experience. It runs with a Window 7 Operating System 64 bit version that will make it easier for you to share photos, music and other multimedia files. It has a fast performance phase that can surely satisfy you of your investment.





This Sony laptop has best features. It can accommodate usual computing services using the dual core Athlon II AMD CPU P360. It runs with an operating system of Windows 7. This laptop is sufficient enough to provide you with the best graphics for its 15.5 inches backlit LED. The power supply is efficient and has customizable contrasts. It also has built-in cameras that allows user to communicate with other people using the cam. You can also access to the internet with its wireless fidelity feature. This is ideal for businessmen.




MSI Wind Notebook

So far, this is the best and most affordable subnotebooks. The MSI wind notebook stands above all. It has a 10 inches widescreen. It is equipped with 2.5 inches SATA hard drive and run by ATOM Intel processor. This mini laptop has internet connectivity through Bluetooth and wireless fidelity. Everything sounds perfect only for the life span of its battery. It is packed with a 3 cell version of the notebook that can only last for a maximum of two hours of mobile access. This is very sad but nevertheless, we can expect something from the MSI to manufacture a 6 cell battery for the Wind Notebook.




Lenovo Thinkpad T420

This laptop has complicated design for its framework. The keyboard may look extraordinary. They did not go with the trending of the keyboards design. They still uphold its original feature. The framework of the laptop is quite weird. Instead of the Ctrl keys, you will have FN keys. This can confuse people who use it for the first time. Under the keyboard, you will see a mini touchpad. This is quite enough to redeem itself from the not so boisterous design. The track pointer of the touch pad is very precise and it is accessible at the middle part of keyboard. This makes it unique among other laptops. It is also cheap and appropriate for starters.




Dell Inspiron 15r

Finally, the Dell Company has come up with a versatile laptop. This laptop is equipped with a 15.6 inches screen that does not caused technical problems when it comes to internet connectivity. However, there is a minimal problem with the keyboards but as an overall rating, it had redeemed itself. The lids can be change as well depending on your mood.




Dell Inspiron M5030 2800B3D

If you are looking for the most affordable laptop that will only allow you to use interface and offices such as word, excel and others then you can this is the best for you. However, it is not good for gaming and other software that require greater specs. If your kid is asking for a computer and you are worried with the cost, then this is the perfect gift for them.




HP Pavilion dv6t Select Edition

This laptop is worth the price since it has a processor if Core Intel i5 and GPU AMD which makes it as a combo of finest hardware for laptops. It has sleek design made of brushed metal. The beats of its Audio feature has enhanced bass for superior sound experience. It is packed with 2.0 WiDi. But the down side of this product is about the Battery life span. This laptop is equipped with best gears that can boost its video graphics (thanks to Radeon AMD) which makes it worth keeping.




Dell Inspiron 14z

This affordable laptop has some rough textures at the each edge. The company had done their part to shape the framework of this laptop to make it more refine with multi-touch track pad that will make it easier for the users to manipulate. The downside of this computer is the disturbing bloat ware loading mechanism still remains in the entire lineup. But the Inspiron 14z have surely redeemed the reputation because of its quick performance. It has long battery span and enhanced design. The Dell Company made this laptop out of brushed metal with thickset port and lit keyboard makes it more affordable. This laptop is very practical and cheap. Appropriate for kids and students.




Acer Aspire One

For people who are searching for an even lesser price economical netbook, this laptop is a worthy contender for them. This laptop has dense figure excellence to handle being thrown around in a bag or purse. It has friendly-key user performance to handle usual software programs with comfort. However, the battery life span is not the best with the 3-cell type. You can look for a battery accessory that has 6-cell or 160 gigabyte version of this laptop you’d better take it. It is highly recommended.


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