Top 10 Best Windows 8 Software you should download

With the launch of windows 8 into the markets, use of the best software is more relevant than ever. The same is the case with the use of touch screens which now appear to be more related than before. This new its kind version of the Microsoft Windows is really going to give a new user and surfing experience to all its lovers. Furthermore, Windows 8 has been made in such a way that it can even work on most of the pcs and laptops in the domain of the core processor technologies. But installing the windows alone is not enough as you have to download several software designed to give you a holistic enjoyment. In other words, you should down these some of the best windows 8 software to get the most out of the new version. So, in order to recognize your needs, here we have the 10 best windows 8 software you should download.

10. Fresh Paint

The original intent for the creation of this wonderful app was to exhibit the true power of creativity in the Windows 8. The software provides you with a number of options for painting, thus enabling you to create a more creative world. By making use of various brushes and paints, you can give a more expressive shape to all your fantasies. It is now evident that this amazing windows 8 software is best for those who love to smear and merge colors in several ways.

9. Inrix

The Inrix App has been designed to provide some help to the drivers. It does this by giving you with hour to hour and minute to minute updates about the traffic flows through various areas, so that you might not find yourself stuck in the traffic. You can also make use of the software on the tablet pc any time while out there in the rush.

8. Facebook Messenger

It might appear quite strange to hear again and again that Facebook is the most famous of all the social messengers in the market. Windows 8 offers you with a platform to download this messenger on your pc or laptop for enjoying round the clock chatting avenues with your friends. There are also several other options designed to give you a never before fun and chatting experience.

7. Skype Voice Changer

There are many who love to fake their voice while chatting with someone or when they plan to make fool out of some guy or girl. The Skype Voice Changer is going to make that much easier for you. The best thing about the software is that you can now download and use it on Windows 8 for having all the fun in the world.

6. Wikipedia

On the release of Windows 8, Wikipedia had also announced the launching of its new software designed specifically for the new version of the windows. I bet you might have used the Wikipedia website at one time or the other. In addition to the long lists of articles and research studies, you can also make use of an invisible scrolling or reading mode.

5. Social Dribble

For those who love to tweet all the time, The Social Dribble Software can do it all for you. It does so by allowing y to select various hash tags that are all trendy in a number of ways. By making use of this software on windows 8, you would be able to follow and keep track of any popular topic on the social website. You can also use this software by changing the twitter page into in all in one screen saver.

4. NG Reader

One of the best interfaces in the arena of Windows 8 has been used for this Google Reader Software. You would be able to view your feeds and a number of stories that you have selected all at one place. You can also change to the only headlines and pictures view for the purpose of getting a faster navigation.

3. Multimedia 8

Multimedia 8 has really unleashed the powers and whims of the Windows 8, being one of the best software for the version. The software is not loved by the music enthusiasts, but is also now being used by some professionals and veterans of the music industry. The goodies include 3d video view, video conversion, wireless streaming and much more.

2. Norton Satellite

In addition to providing a barrier from hacker and spam attacks, Norton Satellite also comes to make your Facebook experience more convenient. Not to forget that the software works on windows 8, but there are some modifications which are now being used on windows 7 also. Furthermore, you would also be able to take note of some malicious activity and urls on your Facebook feeds. Try to install a security program in addition to this software is does not offers a replacement for the professional work of the antivirus programs.

1. Avira Antivirus

Downloading all the best Windows 8 software is going to worthless without the use of some antivirus program. Yes, there are some compatibility issues in using Avira 2013 on the new Windows 8, but the software makers have now removed most of the issues and problems. It is a matter of a few weeks, when you would be able to make an undisturbed use of Avira Antivirus which is going to make browsing and downloading more safe and agile. By far, Avira Antivirus is the best Windows 8 Software. source:  Incorporating In Canada

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