Top 10 Most Populated States in America-US

America is indeed one of the most populated countries in the world. The prime reason for this is the belief of the people that America is the land where dreams come true. The list of the most top 10 populated states of America has been made keeping in view the present population estimates made by a number of surveys and reports which have been published. The population stats are from the year 2011 and 2010, as they are the latest of them all. Here they are.

10. North Carolina

With a population of nearly 9,656,401 individuals, North Carolina is on the number 10 spot. It is located in the South Eastern regions of the United States. The state is composed of nearly 100 counties each of which has its own significance for the state. Furthermore, the largest city of the state is named as Raleigh.

9. Georgia

The population of this well-known state is nearly 9,815,210. What makes this state so special is the fact that it used to be one of the thirteen colonies of the region, but in the year 1732 it was given the status of being a state. The state capital is Atlanta which is known for many things. Not to forget, that is also referred to as the empire and panorama state of the south.

8. Michigan

The population of the state is nearly 9,876,187. In comparison to the past few years, the population has seen a major shift. It is located in the region what is called the mid-western United States. The literal meaning of the word Michigan is “large water”. The entire state is also bounded by four or five lakes, thus making it the region which the longest and largest fresh water coastline. It also happens to be the only state with nearly 2 peninsulas.

7. Ohio

Now here we have yet another famous American state known for its huge population of 11,544,951. The capital city of this one of a kind state is Columbus. It used to be a part of the North Western territories but was later on included in the union of the 17th state. In terms of the population density, it is also on the number 10th spot.

6. Pennsylvania

According to the population estimate carried out in the year 2011, there are nearly 12,742,886 individuals currently residing in the state. In terms of the population density it also happens to be on the number 9th spot. The city of Harrisburg is the capital and is also one of the most populated of them all.

5. Illinois

Illinois has a population of nearly 12,869,257 which seems to be increasing with each year that passes by. It also happens to be the 25th most extensive of all the states. Not to forget that it is also referred to as microcosm of the entire United States. The state is marked by the levels of agricultural productivity and output that it comes to provide for the whole country. So the role of the state in terms of the economy of the entire country is much more evident.

4. Florida

The state is marked by a population of nearly 19,057,542. The state is also bordered with the Gulf of Mexico which is one of the prime reason for which a number of illegal immigrants have been entering into the state. The economy of the entire region is marked by its tourism and agricultural growth which has always been increasing no matter what. Although the people of the state have been some hard times in this recession, but things are not so bad like they are in the other states.

3. New York State

The population of this territory is nearly 19,465,197. You might have heard about New York being called as the place where dreams come true. Now here another important thing to note is the fact that it also happens to the center for the worldwide economy and trade. The capital city of the state is known by the name of Albany.

2. Texas

The population of nearly 25,674,681 makes it the second most populated state of the United States of America. In terms of industries, agriculture, technology, fashion and energy, Texas has its own role to play. The economic boom which had started in the state many years back is still quite visible in the lives of the residents of the region. The gross state product of the state is also quite high in comparison to the other states of the country. Some of the economic analysts are of the view that the economy of the whole country might collapse if the state of Texas is removed from it.

1. California

California is by far and undoubtedly the most populated state in America. The calculated population of the state is nearly 37,691,912.  One reason for the population increase is the job  opportunities the state provides to all the residents. I am sure that now you have some idea about why people want to be a part of the states in America.


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