10 Most Scariest Places In The World

Have you ever thought of creepy places where nightmares and demonic creatures may dwell? It may sound thrilling but what we often see in the movies it is actually the reflection of other places in the world that are considered as the den of the dead. There are various happenings that are considered paranormal activity. It means that activities which nobody could explain but at some point of time, it really did. Upon looking at the creepiest movie that I have watched (Tales From
The Crypt) I have decided to Google the 10 scariest places in the world and here’s what I got. Get ready and prepare to Goosebumps.



The Riddle House

The frightening stuff about this house started when one of the previous employers of Riddle attempted to commit suicide. Unfortunately, he died because of strangulation. He hanged himself at the attic part of the house. His name was Joseph and with his fury against men, he haunts every man who enters the attic of the house. Some say that they have had the experience of being haunted with a lid banged into their heads and because of that, men are prohibited from entering the area. Other claimed that they have seen the furniture moved without someone’s doing it.





It may sound like a barber’s story but sometimes hearing the word Helltown really creeps me out. The sharp road of Stanford has its immediate horror stories. Others say that once you travel it by land and get unluckily stuck in the middle of the road, you will be terrified by the bands of horror and satanic groups that will eventually scare you to death. Other claimed that this place is inhabited by a vicious a snake eating human or mutated person due a chemical spill and can murder people with its ultimate rage. There are folkloric stories that the Helltown is fittingly termed as the World’s End. No one knows how true this is because most of the victims did not manage to survive.




Stull Cemetery

There are so many speculations about this creepy cemetery. The most popular folkloric however involves people who died from the outrageous form of killing from a frenzy and manic person. The place is full of tribes that practices demonic rituals. Other may claimed that the greatest demon itself goes here and gather his follower to have their worshipping rituals. It includes the E. Hill cemetery which is the most horrific part of the place. There are gossips that swirls the entire country and even from other parts of the world that the Stull Cemetery is one of the passages to Inferno. Another intriguing fact about this unholy place is when Pope John Paul II decided to track other routes going to state of Colorado instead of passing the east part of Kansas.




The Ridges

This haunted place is known to be a hospital facility that houses the worst people in the country. This includes the disreputable rapist having Personal Identity problem name B. Milligan stays here. It was tagged as one of the scariest place in the world according to the Psychical Research of the British Society. The area near the University of Ohio which lays the ridges is known to be totally creepy. The scariest folkloric story about this place is when a dead woman who is mentally ill was admitted in this formerly hospital and went missing for several weeks. One day she was seen dead in one of the inhabited ward of the hospital with all her clothes kept clean and folded beside her. Nobody knows who did it but for sure, the case was unsolved.




Humberstone and LaNoria

Have you heard of an undead creature walking at night? Upon rising from the grave in the cemetery of La Noria, they roam around the town and have their killing spree. There are untimely and scary photos in Humberstone which is very terrifying. Most of the locals living near the place refuse to go there. The fact that this story was kept from generation to generation, it only shows that few people are planning to stay in this place.




Byberry Mental Asylum

What makes this terrifying is the fact that it was used to be the location of an ill-fated hospital. This hospital serves all the criminals including the notorious one in the country. The most unfortunate part of the story is about the people working in this hospital are abusing their patients. They kept on exploiting and even harassing patients just because they are criminals. There are stories and speculations that because of the inhuman treatment of the staffs, they even let the patient defecate elsewhere and left it alone where patients are also sleeping. Even the surgical procedure is very septic and they don’t apply the professional ethics among their patients. The worst part here is the remains of patients (I’m talking about the ghost and spirits who need justice) are screaming and haunting people everywhere. The savage usually begins at 6 in the evening until the most unholy time of 3 in the morning.




Leap Castle

This castle is being haunted by several spirits that includes the most violent one, the elemental. This creature was said to be describes as a beast with hunched at his back and smells like a dead flesh. During the time when the renovation of the castle, there are workers who found a certain dungeon that can be entered through the hatch of the ceiling. This is the place where most of the prisoners are being thrown. They stay there for the rest of their lives until they suffer from agony and hunger, and then eventually die. Workers have found some spikes as well that impales prisoner that are thrown to death.




Shades of Death Road

As the name of the place implies the shades of death road sounds horrific. This is a very unlikely place to stay and travel were many stories about the specter vapors that live in the lake which they call it as the Lake of the Ghost are savaging people who are stuck there. It is considered as a demonic activity since most of the haunted ghost are hiding from the dead tree and ready to grab any human beings who lost their track. What makes it creepier is there are no traces of evidence about the body of the lost people who were last known to track this route at night.




Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

This museum houses people who suffer from great deal of violence. There are many people who died in this place. Most of them are native of the country but there are some reported victims from Australia, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan and Vietnam. There are ghost who haunts the place even at the hall area. There are many visitors who wanted to challenge their guts and took stolen shots using their camera. Later they found out that some of their photo shot includes dead man with no head, crying person, and other creepy images that you could possibly imagine.




The Mines of Paris

The story about this place is involved with miners who dug beneath to make a reservoir during wars. However, they did not know that they are already digging their own grave. Most of the people who are involved here are victims of war who dug the place and die because of thirst and hunger. This makes it creepy as we think because nobody has ever tried to completely roam the entire mines. There are speculations too that a specific part of the mine is directed to the scorching fire of inferno. Many have tried to challenge themselves, but end up going back to the entrance because of too much heat and the air is not appropriate for breathing anymore. That also includes the creepy ghosts that haunt people for mercy and justice.

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