10 Things You Want to Know about Justin Bieber

Justin is a teen idol and YouTube celebrity. This singer’s dramatic rise has amazed the world of pop music. Not only that, this Canadian singer is now being compared to the top pop star, Michael Jackson. The most surprising fact is that this singer has achieved such popularity at only the 15. His first album My World 2.0 shot up the charts and since then he has headlined a world concert tour which was chronicled in the 3D biopic-concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never . Bieber also released a Christmas album called Under the Mistletoe and his latest album Believe.

Outside of this musical world, this young hero seems to be very mysterious. So, it is obvious that there are many things that you would not know about this evolving singer! So, here are top 10 things you want to know about Justin Bieber.

10 – His Favorite Food is Indian

Do not be shocked to know that Justin loves Indian meals much more than anything other cuisine. The Top Ramen noodles and Naan are among his favorites. However, his favorite dish is Spaghetti Bolognese.

9 – He is a Producer

Did you know that this youngster is making a movie starring Mark Wahlberg? Well, this movie is all about the game of basketball. When he was asked whether he will make another movie, he happily said yes! So now, his journey has begun from a teen idol to a great producer. What a jump Justin!

8 – He Lives in Atlanta

The future singer was born and brought up in Stratford, Ontario; but he now resides in Atlanta. During an interview, he revealed that he moved with this mother to this city to learn more from his mentor Usher who is also like his big brother living resides in Atlanta. So, it was his mentor due to which he and his mother went to Atlanta to learn and grasp more.

7 – He Loves Books

Interestingly, Justin revealed a very interesting wish of going to college. Although being a singer, Justin does not spend time in watching Michael Jackson or playing games. On the contrary, he loves to read the books. He also disclosed that he has a tutor and that he loves to write as well. So, no matter where he goes or how much free time he gets; he loves to invest in knowledge-giving materials.

6 – He Prefers Mac

Of all the operating systems, Mac is his favorite one! He said he loves to work on Mac computers although the other options are also worth working with. This means that Mac is his personal choice. After all, Apple does not even leave the singers!

5 – He Was Not Rich

In an interview, Justin did not hesitate to share that he never grew up amidst riches. He also said that he lived with his mom only, as mom and dad had break up when he was very young. However, Justin had a very good relationship with his dad but did not get a chance to stay with him for long due to the split up. But he still got a chance to stay with his dad. Because he got everything he wanted during his early young days, he did not know that his family did not have lots of money. But he believes to be blessed with what he is today!

4 – He is Left-handed

Justin admitted that he started to play guitar for the first time when he was just eight years old. However, he first picked a right-handed guitar, as this was the only guitar in his home. But he realized that a left-handed pick was much better and comfortable. However, his mother would make him hold the other way but even though he would change that and try to play. Finally, his mother brought him a left-handed piece on his birthday. This shows that he is a left-handed boy!

3 – He Knows to Play Four Musical Instruments

Well, Justin Bieber seems to be well trained with four instruments: Guitar, trumpet, drums, and piano. However, he also expressed his desire to learn the violin! According to him, picking up another musical device is not going to be that tough although it would no less than a challenge. But he mentioned to willingly take up the learning chore as soon as possible! This indicates that he loves to pay instruments at his own pace.

2 – His Favorite Color is Purple

So, how is this known? Well, if you tend to observe him frequently, you will probably seem him in a purple getup. In a majority of events, the guy is seen in purple. However, he also says that he also loves the blue color. He very frankly admits that it seems funny to be asked about the favorite color. But it seems that he forgets about his choice of wearing all purple! Therefore, it is his own tangible choice that tells a lot about his color preference.

1 – He Loves the National Sport of India

This was quite shocking to me! He very well shared that he loves hockey. Even more interesting was to know that he had played this sport all his life. He revealed these facts when he was with Chris Connelly to share some great stuff. The singer also admitted of playing center forward. Above all, the Canadian boy said that he is a great fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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