Top 10 Best Enrique Iglesias Songs

The famous son of the renowned singer Julio Iglesias, Enrique is definitely the perfect sex and fashion icon of a pop artist. His success equals his father’s and the Awesome Enrique Iglesias songs are simply a collection of one of the best hits the pop world has ever seen or heard. He is a complex singer which 21 number one singles in his career, which is actually a record in the show biz world. These top 10 best Enrique Iglesias songs are full of passion and represent the peaks of his career.



10. Do You Know

A fresh approach to the prospect of location and a table tennis ball for inspiration, this is all it took Enrique to build up an innovative concept with this single.




9. Escape

Besides being an awesome singer, Enrique writes the beautiful lyrics of this song. Anna Kournikova, the lovely tennis player is also present in the video.




8. Not in Love

With the help of Kelis this song turns out to be supreme. The video is nocturnal and the song is probably one of the best sold singles in the history.




7.  To Love a Woman

Together with Lionel Richie, this love song is a great combination of both their talents and the inspiring lyrics.




6. Addicted

Enrique likes to write his own songs and in this case he presents the wonderful story of addictive love. Inspired from the movie Midnight Express, the video is made together with Mischa Barton.




5. Hero

Released in the year 2001, this song has remained one of his outmost successes and it was a popular hit after the 9/11 attacks. Everything seems to be perfect about this song from the music, voice and the presence of Mickey Rourke and Jennifer Love Hewitt as stars in the video.




4. Bailamos

It was probably this song which made Enrique really famous for his astonishing dance moves. The single was selected for the soundtrack of Wild Wild West and performed miracles despite the obvious Latin influence of the tune.




3. Rhythm Divine

In the same song line as Bailamos, this single was really popular among listeners as the music composition seems to have taken in a series of good reviews.




2. Be With You

The flamenco guitar from the beginning gives the song the necessary reason to develop into a much faster tempo. Elizabeth Shannon is the absolute star of the video and Enrique had a consistent contribution to the lyrics.




1. I Like It

New and sizzling song featuring Pitbull, this single will make people literally dance without knowing why. It is a major hit in all the clubs around the world.




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  1. Bella Swan

    Dec 02. 2012

    All the tracks are my favorite. You are too good. we loved you very much. Your all songs touched my heart