Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas – 2012

Halloween for the year 2012 is just about to bash! So, it is obvious for you to look for the trendiest Halloween costumes. The month of September is the best time to plan for the most whimsical holiday, and that checking out the latest trends of the costumes is just one of the vital tasks of the plan. This year the great costume picks include your most preferred Super Heroes, games you love to play, monsters of all kinds, and your favorite pets. Dress up to look like Lady Gaga, show off your reverence for Angry Birds, or play funny wicked tricks by being a Dracula – the choice is perfectly yours! Well, to make your task of picking the best costume easier, here are our top 10 Halloween costume Ideas – 2012.




10 – The Avengers Costumes

This collection will fit both kids and teens who would love to look like the Iron Man and Captain America. And yes, even women can be in with the Black Widow costume. Since Captain America, the superheroes have really dominated the designs of Halloween costumes, which allows a common man to look like a superhuman. A person of any age can enter into this blockbuster-inspired style to dress up like their preferred heroes and heroines.



9 – Zombie Costumes

 How about looking like a zombie priest? If you love to have a monstrous look in the black priest dress, this is the collection to look for!



 8 – Teddy Costumes

 This is one such collection that is loved and admired by people of all ages. Right from kids to senior citizens, being a teddy has always been a fun way to enjoy and make others enjoy a festive occasion. Such costumes are also very effective for playing the trick or treat game.



7 – Political Costumes

How about representing and behaving like the President Obama at the festival venue? All you have to do is wear his mask and coat and start acting like him! Usually, parents themselves prefer to dress their children in a political getup so that the kids can campaign in the entire locality as they fulfill the old tradition of trick or treat. Now, this can be cute or annoying, and you will feel as if it is the time of the election, and not Halloween! Then, how about tricking everybody by declaring the presidential nominees of 2013?



 6 – Disney Costumes

Dressing up like a Disney character has always been trendy. There is no year in this century when anybody had believed that the Disney costumes have gone out of fashion. Both kids and adults always dream to look prince or princess. And if you are one among them, this collection is just made for you! You can really find very cute designs and several sizes.



 5 – Angry Birds Costumes

Did you love to play this smartphone game? It is agreeable that a few such birds were there in the costume stores. This time, the reserved and dormant birds are now out in those stores. These addictive Angry Birds costumes are sure to burst out laughs when you enter into a Halloween party hall with a feathery look. Right now, these costumers are available mainly in red and yellow colors.



4 – Monster High Costumes

This collection seems to be specifically made for Halloween. Can there be a Halloween without monsters and spirits? Well, the name of this collection makes you of the ‘Monster High’ TV series that features those classic monsters such as the paranormally amazing Dracula, Clawdeen Wolf, and Frankie Stein. It is certain that looking like one of these monsters with wigs, leggings, and other ghoul-friendly accessories is going to make you the focal point of the dark night.



3 – Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson Costume

Wow! This dress will be the most beloved one of those individuals who are the crazy fans of Lady Gaga. By the way, she is once more into the breaking news this year for her several number 1 singles and sales of millions of albums. So, why not rock the party floor by representing this beautiful lady? Of course, this costume is for the females. So, what about the males? Well, they can be in sync by representing Michael Jackson on the floor.



2 – Twilight Costume

No, this costume does not represent the twilight time. But even more interestingly, it allows you to dress up as the famous Twilight characters such as Kristen, Edward, Pattinson, or Bella. An apologetic Kirsten dress with full black and sad look is one choice, while dressing up like a pregnant Bella is another. Even more suitable will be the look of a Vampire, the role played by Edward. If you want to look like Pattison, his mask is just amazing to wear it!



1 – Steve Jobs Costume

The hottest trend for Halloween Costumes 2012 is to represent this tech spirit whose death will just make up a year this October. So, why not revere the late Apple maker by dressing up as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Even more interesting would be to have the keypad active so that it turns up bright when somebody touches it. Or to be simple, just wear his style – a black turtle neck, his face mask, glasses, and blue jeans. You can choose either of the ways or can even come out with your own idea of representing the superhero behind Apple.


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  1. Angela Seale

    Sep 28. 2012

    I’ve seen the cutest Monster High Costume for girls on Youtube today. Looks to be good value for money. I’m considering buying it for my 7 year old I thinks that she will love it. Has anyone bought one of these costumes before
    I’m intested in getting other opinions before making a purchase.
    I’ve pasted the link below.