10 Things You Might Not Know About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift. Her name alone lugs a parcel of images. At 22, Taylor Swift is already a phenomenal success in the music industry. She is a multi-talented young singer, musician, artist, song writer, actress and record producer rolled up in one divine physique. She’s not just another name posted in billboards then gone at the next moment. She is not just another entity passing by stardom. In fact, she has made history with all her achievements.  Taylor Swift is an icon. Here are 10 things to prove this.




10. Daring and Adventurous

Taylor considers herself competitive. Her life alone is full of adventures. Her first hobby was horse riding. She was exposed to horses since she was still nine months old. Later on, she joined in many horse show competitions. Her competitions continued with the music industry. She even dared a door to door demo of karaoke in Nashville when she was 11. No wonder she made it high in the global music industry today.



9. Criminal and Challenging Mind

One of Taylor’s interests is watching movies and TV shows about crime dramas. She is an expert for shows such as CSI and Law and Order: SVU. Her interest in solving crimes and all about laws has made her actively used her mind. She even starred one episode of CSI where she played the role of a rebellious teenager. She said that if she was not in the music industry, she should have pursued being a forensic detective.



8. An Artist Virtuoso

Taylor is not only interested in music; she is also inclined to art. She supported arts education. She had pledged millions of dollars to school auditoriums, music halls and museum buildings. Museum officials even named one center to Taylor due to her active participation in many educational and art programs. She has done paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock. She has given these paintings as gifts to radio stations during her radio promotions.



7. A writer and a poet in one

Taylor enjoys reading and writing poetry at an early age. She likes writing and storytelling. She was admired by many people who worked with her saying that she is a great writer. She has poems written in a span of time and converts them into songs in a snap of a finger.  In fact, many of her songs were written by her own hands coming from her own experiences. Many of the lyrics come from real events of her childhood. Her song “The Outside” tells the story of her high school life as an outcast. Her best friend Abigail was in her song “Fifteen”, and the song “Forever and Always” was about Jonas, one of her boyfriends. Taylor relates her life vibrantly in her many songs written and sang. She had written about 200 songs already.



6. Generous Heart

The many philanthropist acts of Taylor are not a secret. Due to the many contributions, donations, aides, helps she has endowed in many varying circumstances, she was recognized by the Tennessee Disaster Services, The Giving Back Fund and Do Something Awards. She is closely related to the Kennedys and has been regarded with her dedication to advocacy for the youth. She has an open hand ready to give to many disasters stricken areas. She was one of the artists who gave big amounts during typhoons, earthquakes and other calamities.



5. Intact Virtues and Values

Most often, though not all, popular identities floating in fame develop attitude problems. They are mostly drowned with alcohol, drugs, and other vices, but not Taylor Swift. She has remained steadfast with the virtues taught by her mom. She grew up closely with her mother. She owes much of her confidence from the encouragement and hard work of her mother. Taylor does not drink alcohol but still hang out with people who drink. She strives to be a role model to the young audiences that applauded her. She is aware of the influence she might inflict to the people who followed her and took that responsibility of taking good care of the image she will exude to the general audience.



4. Music Runs in Her Blood

Music for Taylor is not just a skill that she has mastered. It is a gift that runs from her generations. Credits to the biggest musical influence of her life: her maternal grandmother. Her earliest musical exposure was listening to her grandmother, Marjorie Finlay as she performs in stage as an opera singer. She has been one of the inspirations of Taylor. Obviously, the root of her golden voice comes from a great singer.



3. A young achiever

As a singer and songwriter, she started singing at an early age of 9. At 11, she sang the national anthem at the Philadelphia 76ers game. She is the youngest songwriter hired by Sony/ATV Music at an early age of 14. She is also the youngest artist awarded with the Entertainer of the Year award last 1999 at Country Music Awards and the youngest artist to win the Academy of Country Music’s album of the Year. There are still many things that she has achieved at a very young age. She is indeed a record breaking musical icon.



2. Stands Out!

Taylor does not just stand out literally. With her height of 5’11” and additional inches from her high heels, she is a towering figure that can’t be missed. She is lofty to look at, but she also stands out from the inside. Taylor has remained firm with her music choices unnerved of the many crashing instances that may come to her. She speaks what is in her mind. She supports gays and lesbians. She tells what is in her heart. And she doesn’t care if not everyone will like her as long as she shows the real her.



1. Always in love.

Like any other girl, Taylor is not afraid to tell what is in her heart. She may had many relationships in the past, where some even had controversies such as her relationship with Joe Jonas who broke up with her via phone in just 27 seconds. Taylor didn’t become a cynic to love. Instead she has loved more. Love is her favorite topic to write and love is what is she is singing about. It is because of genuine love for music that she lingers on now and forever.

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