10 Awesome Features in Apple iPhone 5

As any other novel and entertaining product from Apple, the iPhone 5 was released with all the hype it could possibly get leaving the customers craving for the new product. Steadily but surely, Apple is prone to make gorgeous improvements at his mobile phone division which will make all the difference between this phone and its competitors. The number of new or improved features is overwhelming and they tend to attract attention from the first moment. Here are ten most amazing features which Apple introduced in the iPhone 5.



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10. New design

The phone design has changed as it became less bulky and thinner than ever. It only measures 7.6 millimeters in width and it has a total weight of 112 grams. The display is larger and it has become longer. Some people might complain that it looks more like a long bar of chocolate, but Apple motivated this choice with the easiness of use with only one hand. This would have been impossible if the gadget was much wider than taller. Each detail was carefully analyzed and the new iPhone is lighter and thinner with about 20% than its predecessor.

9. Larger display

There was a total frenzy around the possibility of a larger display and the rumors turned out to be true as iPhone 5 has a 4 inch display. Even if it is bigger the entire width of the phone has not changed. The one hand rule stays the same, but the strong point is that websites are best viewed on the screen. With a larger display, there is more of everything on it from the apps on the home screen to the number of events presented in the calendar.

8. Excellent mapping

Long gone are the paper maps now that iPhone 5 is on the market. The graphics of the maps are great and so detailed and the transition from one zone to another is smooth. On each map there are street names and the whole area can be zoomed in, tilted and rotated without losing track of the configuration. Also there is the possibility to turn on the navigation and follow the 3D perspective that will easily guide anyone to their destination. If traffic turns out to be a mess, Maps will offer an alternative route.

7. Better photos

Taking photos with iPhone 5 is an improved experience with the 8MP iSight camera. It has HDR capacities so that the color and tone are improved and there is less motion blur. The camera can function well even if the light is rather dim. There is the possibility to shoot panoramas of 240 degrees which will look stunning thanks to the camera app, the A6 chip and of course the integrated gyroscope. Editing photos is also done on the spot with options of red-eye removal, cropping, rotating and even enhancing photos. After all things are done any photo can be shared on social networking websites or uploaded in the iCloud for specific people.

6. Video recording

The iPhone 5 is not just a proficient photo camera as it can act as a video camera. With backlight illumination and large aperture it will make the videos look brighter. The 1080p HD videos are easy to record and trim and while doing so there is the possibility to snap still images. The size of the video files is 20 percent smaller while they maintain their HD quality.

5. Quicker phone calls

It is easy to dial a number with the help of Siri or manually, but much easier it will be to merge calls and add other callers and quickly switch between calls. The microphones offer a clear sound and will reduce the background noise. There is the possibility of declining a call and replying with a message explaining why this was done. Also with the Do Not Disturb option all the calls will go to the voicemail, except the ones specified not to go there. When it comes to voicemail, the user may choose what message to listen first regardless of the order in which they were received.

4. Fun video calls

With FaceTime everything seems to run smoothly as there is no need to create an account or pick up a name. With a tap of the proper button, there is the possibility to start a direct video call or switch from an audio to a video call. During the call there is the possibility to switch between the front and the rear camera and let everyone see what the user intends to.

3. Proficient mail service

With the help of the larger display there is the possibility to see more emails and also enhanced photos and text. Attachment load faster with the A6 chip and there is the option to add videos and photos to the composing messages. The mail and its replies are organized by thread so there will be no problem in tracking down who said what. If some contacts are more important than others they can be put on the VIP list. Mails can be written by tapping on the smart keyboard or by using the dictation tool.

2. A smarter Siri

As Siri is a common presence now on the iPhone and iPad, the new version brought in a smarter version. She will do things for you, like texting someone or advising towards a good restaurant. Also she is able to keep updated with movies, sports, restaurants and anything else the user might desire. It is a fun way to interact with the phone and a really interesting manner of finding useful things around the user’s own interests.

1. The Passbook

There is no sense in having a heavy wallet stuffed with all the passes in the world. The Passbook option offers the possibility to keep in reach airline tickets, movie tickets and even gift cards. The app is based on time and location coordinates, so as soon as the user gets at the airport the proper boarding pass will pop up and give useful information regarding the gate for boarding and any changes in the flight.

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