Top 10 Useful Robots You Can Buy Right Now

The dream of having a robot doing the housework or any other chores is something that many people fantasy about. It is fun to set a gadget to take care of the garbage, wake you up at a certain house or do a little bit of housework. This means that life can suddenly get easier and the robot owner will have more time for other fun activities. For the ones who would like to make their life better, here are the top ten useful robots that could find a cozy little place in anyone’s house.




10. Mint Plus

If anyone has an issue with maintaining hardwood and tile floors in perfect shape, the Mint Plus will do that nasty job instead. It is an expert in mopping and sweeping and will not stop until everything looks as good as new. The owner just needs to add cleaning solution and clean up the reusable cloth used in a cycle. It can simply mop an area of 350 square feet in one cycle and sweep over 2000 square feet in the same amount of time. The robot has a nice navigation system which helps it identify the obstacles and avoid them. Mint Plus is designed by Evolution Robotics and can be bought from about $300 to $330 a piece.

9. iRobot Looj


Gutter cleaning is no problem for Looj, which is a domestic robot made by iRobot. It is a cordless robot which can simply be deployed into the gutter and remove easily all types of debris. It is controlled by a wireless remote which work fine at over 40 feet away from the robot. The problem with Looj is that it cannot take corners so it has to be placed separately for each part of the gutter. The price is relatively decent of about $150 and it does the job pretty well.

8. Clocky 

The problem of waking up in the morning is something that bothers most of the people. Nanda Home has produced a fairly cheap robot which costs only $40 and can do that tricky job in the late or early mornings. This is why Clocky is that annoying little robot which will help anyone in need to wake up. It will literally run around the house making a beeping noise which can be rather disturbing even to the people who normally sleep through any alarm clock. In order to stop it, the owner needs to run and catch it, which is certainly a good way to become alert.

7. Litter Robot LRII 

That furry little cat is adorable to hang around the house. The only problem is that cleaning up after it can be a real ordeal. This is why the Litter Robot was designed to clean the litter box seven minutes after the cat has done its business. The mess is gathered into a garbage bag which can be easily removed when the trash is taken out. The sealed container is great as there are no more problems with unwanted odors. The producer Automated Pet Care Products guarantees total satisfaction and perfect hygene for the entire house with only about $340 American dollars.

6. iRobot Roomba 560 

Vacuuming is not the funniest thing to do all day long. The chores of the household can be rather demanding and this is why Roomba, another successful iRobot product, is the best companion. It picks up dirt and is able to clean a large variety of textures including carpets and wooden floors. It will reach very impossible looking places and once it has done the job it simply returns to its charging station. There is the possibility to use virtual walls in order not to let the robot fall down the stairs or forbid its access into a variety of spaces. All these functions come at a decent price of $350 and can be accompanied by all sorts for supplies as side brushes and filters.

5. Rovio

While away, everyone would like to take a peak at their house. Rovio, produced by WowWee, is a WiFi robot with a camera on its back which allows the owner to look around the house at free will. In that way he can see the state of his beloved plants or if someone has entered the house. The robot is able to see in the dark and can be programed to follow a set of routes in the house. It can easily be controlled via a computer or a mobile phone from any point in the world with internet access and all this costs $700 for a nice looking robot.

4. VGo

Being in two places at the same time is no longer impossible thanks to the producer VGo Communications. VGo is a telepresence robot which is rather sleek looking and allows the user to interact in a very personal way with the people around him. With the use of the computer and the robot, the other people can see you on the display and know who they are talking with. This robot is used in remote trainings or office business as it can be rather expensive for personal use. The price starts at $6,000 plus an annual service contract of $100 per month. There is the opportunity to buy an extended life battery for $195 and as many additional charge docks which cost $495 a piece.

3. Autom

Losing weight has become even friendlier with its new face called Autom, which is produced by Intuitive Automata. This is a robot which will talk things out about the daily eating plans and exercises that need to be done. It is able to give feedback and even encourage the spirits with nice remarks. It is actually based on the type of the personal trainer who will adapt to the specific needs to the person and will gladly keep pace with the losing weight process. Autom is only available for pre-orders on the website of the product and the price will be around $400.

2. Paro

All children would love to have a pet, but in an apartment living with one means a lot of mess to clean up. This is why Paro is the idea furry seal which can the any kid’s best friend. It can detect things like temperature, sound, posture, light and touch and it will adapt to its owner’s behavior. It can actually respond to its own name and look happy when it is cuddled. It can develop a repetitive behavior to get nice treats. At first Japan-based AIST developed Paro as a companion which is now extensively used in hospitals and care facilities. The healing seal is quite costly and it can reach to about $5000, a price which not many can afford.

1. Pleo

What it is amazing about this robot is that it seems to have a life of its own. This baby dinosaur called Pleo, which is a product of Innvo Labs, is an artificial pet which is programmed to mature over time. It starts as a baby and it will show all signs of development in time. It weights about 4 kilograms and it has all the behavior of a normal animal. It will eat, sleep, explore and have mood changes. It will behave just like any other pet and it can have preferences towards food, temperature and learning certain tricks. It is quite an amazing pet in his amazing world.  The basic pack costs about $469, but there are many accessories, toys, food and fashion items available to be bought.


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  1. Amy @ Mega Quick Sale

    Sep 13. 2012

    Useful robots, indeed! I love all of them especially Clocky, Rovio and Autom ;) Will really be useful for me. :D