10 Things That Are Expected at Apple’s September 12 Event

Every new release from Apple seems to cause that nice frenzy over the new products and the things that these guys will next release to the world. It has been announced on the 4th of September that on the 12th there will be the iPhone 5 special San Francisco event. The show is like always a great mystery for all, but the new iPhone is the declared star until now. Now that it is all official and the invitations were sent out, there is one thing to do, meaning think about the things that the world could expect from the September 12 event. Here are the top ten most likely things to happen and the way they will totally change the side of the Apple products.


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10. iPhone’s bigger display

It has been common knowledge for a while now that iPhone 5 will have a bigger display than its previous versions. As new leaks come out every day, the 4 inch screen seems to be more real than ever. Even some replicas of the iPhone started to be produced with the same display size, so it is very probable for Apple to actually adopt this wider screen.

9. 4G connectivity

In response to many of its competitors, Apple is likely to introduce the 4G technology in its Smartphone. As the future of connectivity will be based on networking at really high speeds, iPhone 5 cannot miss that train and be left behind by gadgets like Samsung Galaxy.

8. Statistics, statistics, statistics

The users are now accommodated with the statistics offered at each Apple event which certainly prove that its products are extremely popular and are total market hits. Everything is covered with Apple from the sales figures to app store download rates and even the revenue of the app developers. For Apple, figures are the only thing which speaks loud and clear about their superiority in the field.

7. iOS 6 coming up

The new operating system iOS 6 is likely to come on the market together with iPhone 5. Some period of time for this event will be dedicated to the new improvement of the system with a sort of listing out the old good stuff and the new revolutionary things which may have not been divulged yet.

6. Not so much of Tim Cook

Unlike the widely spread rumors, Tim Cook may not be the central figure of the event. Based on recent press events, he used to do the opening up and then hand the task on the other executives to explain the things. Probably he will do the same on September the 12th and he will remain more in the shadow that on the stage.

5. Design – new, sleek, nice

The top point of Apple is the design of the products. They simply look nice and this is probably their chance to impose a more attractive shape to the iPhone. This design was already in vision before Steve Jobs died and probably it will be the star of the event.

4. Taller than ever

In order to accommodate a larger display, iPhone 5 will change its dimensions and probably get taller. This may be a problem for the ones used to wear the iPhone in their pocket and the world will see how the new size of the display will be correlated with the phone’s height.

3. The price of iPhone

For many years Apple has been consistent with the pricing models for its iPhones. This gives the clients certain stability and also they are more willing to spend each year around 200 dollars for the new and latest iPhone. In that way, the product remains at a decent price which is rather low compared to other gadgets and the ones who would like to enjoy a new product every year can do it without any great trouble.

2. iPad Mini – there or not

It is known that iPad Mini will be released at a special event in October so besides the hype of the iPhone people would like to know more about this other product. With a smaller display it will be a serious competition to gadgets like Kindle Fire. Anyhow, it is unlikely for the Apple officials to confirm its existence at this event and it will probably not appear in the speech dedicated to the new iPhone.

1. Competition teasing

It has become a specialty of Apple to tease the competition in its events. Usually the number one target will be Samsung and probably the victory in court over the patent trial. The main topic would probably be related to the lack of originality in Samsung products and the fact that they are actually not that good of a deal. Destroying competition and especially the Android based one has been a thing that Apple wanted to do for quite a while now.

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