Top 10 Most Beautiful Samsung Galaxy S3 Covers and Cases

Upon its release in May 2012, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 was instantly regarded as the best smartphone ever made, one that had better specs and more superior features to anything else on the market. Of course, all of this brilliance comes at a price and if you are buying the S3 you are going to want to get your hands on a case or cover to protect your investment. Here are the top 10 most beautiful Samsung Galaxy S3 covers and cases for .


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10) Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

Samsung has produced several covers for the new Galaxy S3 but this flip cover is the most attractive. The cover replaces the rear casing with its own durable plastic and uses a flip cover to protect the screen when the phone is not in use. The great thing about this case is that is maintains the low profile of the phone.



9) Diztronic TPU Case

This is one of the cheapest cases on the market and well worth the money is you are looking for something to protect your phone on a budget. These cases are well-made and available in a wide range of colours, giving your phone a stylish look.



8) Samsung Galaxy S3 Mesh Vent Case

While it may not be quite as beautiful as the flip cover case by Samsung, this genuine mesh vent case is still an attractive option. The reason for its higher placing in the list is the comfort and great access to the phone’s features that it gives. This case also comes with a small bump in the rear providing enough space to hold a coin – letting you create an instant kickstand.



7) Flexishield Case

Available in clear, black, pink, white, blue, and smoke, the Flexishield case is a good option for adding a splash of beautiful colour to your phone. It also provides excellent protection to the back and sides of the phone.



6) Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

This Spigen case offers a TPU back cover and a screen protector, giving your S3 total protection. The beauty of this case comes in the wonderful array of two-tone colour choices that are available.



5) Speck FabShell

If you’re looking to add some glitz and glamour to your new Galaxy, the patterned fabric backing of the Speck FabShell cases should provide the solution. These hard plastic shell cases offer the perfect mix of protection and style.



4) iSkin Aura

iSkin are well-known for manufacturing quality and stylish cases and the Aura is no different. The rubber-coated polycarbonate snap on shell is prefect for providing protection to the back and sides of the phone and the two-tone aluminium panel has been designed to match the beauty of the S3.



3) Metal-Slim PU Protective Case

This cover offers a great mixture of protection, style and texture, making it ideal for the S3. The Metal-Slim case is very aesthetically pleasing thanks to its carbon-fibre effect and is very thin, adding little in the way of bulk to the phone.



2) Uunique Metallic Case

Available in Marble white and Pebble Blue, the Uunique metallic case has an aluminium back-plate and soft touch outer bumper. The case effortlessly combines beauty and protection, preventing the phone from any damage whatsoever.



1) Otterbox Commuter Case

The Otterbox Commuter Case is the biggest seller in Galaxy S3 covers and cases and has a plastic shell and silicone corners to provide protection. The case is one of the lightest on the market, and thanks to a choice of five interesting colours (Atomic being the standout), is also the most beautiful.

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