Top 10 Best Long Hairstyles for Women in 2012

Hairstyles are much like fashion in that they tend to change on a regular basis; of course, it is only is only natural to want to keep up with the latest fashion and this means having your hairstyle on point. For women with long hair, there is a huge variety of different styles and looks that can be pulled off, and having long flowing locks is perfect for experimentation. If you are looking for a new hairdo this year, picking a style from the following list of the top 10 best long hairstyles for women in 2012 will ensure your hair is bang on trend.


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10) The ‘tumbled’ tail

This great summer hairstyle is easy to create and suits any kind of hair colour. The ‘tumbled’ tail gives the impression of fish braid when in fact there is no braiding involved whatsoever. Women with mid-long straight or wavy hair are best suited to this style which can be done at home.



9) 1960s ponytail

2012 is a year of revival in women’s hairstyles with fashions from the 1920s all the up to the 1990s making a comeback with a modern touch. This timeless 1960s ponytail gives of an effortless elegance and is perfect for any season and any hair colour.



8) Equestrian ponytail

The equestrian look shows that the ponytail is a hairstyle that will never go away. Mixing smoothness with a hint of texture, the leather band tied ponytail is simple and effective, providing a touch of upper-class.



7) Long and bouncy

Inspired by the 1970s but incorporating a distinctly modern look, the blow-out bouncy blow-dry gives off a relaxed and airy look. Soft waves are very complimentary to the face and are ideal for any colour of straight and wavy hair.



6) Homemade curls

For a soft and modern look that gives of a real sense of beauty, homemade curls are a great hairstyle for any time of the year. Straight or wavy hair can pull off this style and it is suited to any colour, although blonde hair is particularly striking.



5) French Twist

If you are looking for something elegant for this season, the French Twist could be the perfect choice of hairstyle. This summer look is a classic 20th century look and one that can be used on any hair colour. This bouffant style is one the looks of the year.



4) Loop under ponytail

Yet another take on the classic ponytail, the loop under is a great casual look. There is nothing complicated about this style and the folded ponytail has been a prominent feature on the runways of Caroline Herrera this year. This styled is best used during the summer months.



3) Textured side-braid

Like the ponytail, braids are a timeless look and one that will continue to be revived year upon year. The great thing about the textured side-braid is that it is a look that is designed to be messy. There is nothing neat and tidy to be seen here, just a quickly put together braid that is perfectly suited to the often windy autumn weather.



2) Rockabilly hairstyle

There are very few hairstyles that are suited as well to men with short hair as they are for women with longer hair, but the rockabilly look manages to pull it off. This style has its roots in men’s hair fashion but has been expertly tailored to match the country Americana theme. This rough and in-your-face look has been a big feature on catwalks and in photo shoots this year.



1) Twist hairstyle

The twist hairstyle looks set to be the best look for the autumn/winter season and is simple to create. This style works as well with hair accessories as it does without and only requires hair that it is long enough to join at the back to pull off. A great look for long and textured hair.

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