Top 10 Worst Actors Alive

They say that a good actor can’t save a bad movie, but a bad actor can certainly wreck a good movie. Well when it comes to Hollywood there are some really horrible actors out there. Those that make you cringe at the screen whenever you see them and really test your love of the film industry. For every brilliant actor like a Robert De Niro or a Tom Hanks, there are ten bad ones; those are the ones that have made it on to this list of the top 10 worst actors alive today.


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10) Nicolas Cage

Had this list been created 15 years ago, there is no way Nicolas Cage would have featured on it. Some of his early work such as Raising Arizona and Valley Girl show that he did have the potential to be a decent actor; however, the past decade has shown that he would not know a bad role if it hit him in the face. Movies such as Ghost Rider, The Wicker Man and the excoriatingly bad Season of the Witch are testament to how Mr Cage is getting worse with every movie.



9) Keanu Reeves

Despite starring in arguably the best sci-action movie trilogy’s, and one of the best movies all-time, The Matrix, and being decent as the meathead slacker “Ted” in the Bill and Ted movies, Keanu Reeves still ranks as an actor that sucks. He has been tremendously lucky in his career with movies that rise above him but if you are in any doubt as to how bad he is, watch Hard Ball or Sweet November.



8) Eddie Murphy

One of the hottest stand-up comedians of the 1980s has turned into one of worst actors of the 2000s. Eddie Murphy is now clearly an actor beyond help, a man that has lost the passion for entertaining. Movies such as Norbit, Meet Dave and The Adventures of Pluto Nash have meant that we are no longer laughing with him, we’re laughing at him.



7) Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is a life-long actor that starred in his first play at the age of seven, that begs the question “well why hasn’t he learned to act?” Despite somehow being one of America’s biggest action movie stars, Vin has produced some horrible performances in films such as The Pacifier and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. He even managed to be horrible in what is a great movie, Saving Private Ryan.



6) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Big Arnie, the former Governor of California, and one of the worst actors to ever grace our screens; I mean what is it with Hollywood and muscle-bound action heroes? Austrian born body-builder Arnie has been terrible in just about every film he has ever been in, his saving grace being the Terminator movies, in which he played a cyborg that required no emotion whatsoever. Then again, an actual cyborg could have probably played that role just as well.



5) Jean-Claude Van Damme

The “muscles from Brussels” has made a decent living for himself by starring in a string of straight to DVD action movies over the years. However these movies really cannot mask some terrible acting in the likes of Desert Heat, Street Fighter, Double Impact (where he also plays his own twin brother as if one of him wasn’t bad enough!) and Double Team in which he stunk up the screen worse than his co-star Dennis Rodman.



4) Steven Seagal

The king of the straight to DVD movie also happens to be one of the worst actors alive today. Seagal seems to play an ex-cop or mercenary in every role he is in and do it badly. If you were under the impression that Seagal has some acting ability, films such as Submerged, Kill Switch and Attack Force will change your mind.



3) Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser happens to be one of the nicest guys in Hollywood; however, his good nature cannot hide is bad acting. From his breakthrough role as a caveman in Encino Man and the dumb as wood George in the Jungle to his roles in the Mummy movies and shocking performance in Bedazzled, Fraser seems intent on stinking up the screen with every film.



2) David Caruso

If you are looking for the definition of wooden in acting terms, tune in to CSI: Miami next time it is on TV. David Caruso as Horatio Caine in the cop show is truly cringe-worthy. With his laughable facial expressions and embarrassing one-liners, Caruso has made CSI: Miami a must-watch for all of the wrong reasons. Horrible.



1) Ashton Kutcher

Ashton is so bad it is hard to even call him an actor. He proved his potential by playing a retard That 70s Show and then continued the trend in the “cult” movie Dude, Where’s My Car? But it was when it became time to show some real acting skills in films such as the Butterfly Effect that Kutcher showed just how awful he really is. The worst actor alive today.

8 Responses to “Top 10 Worst Actors Alive”

  1. Rayan

    Aug 15. 2012

    I’m not a the biggest Nicolas Cage but he is one of the best actors I have ever seen. May some of his movies like Bangkok Dangerous, Ghost Rider,etc sucked but his performance was solid. You can count him in a list named “ACTOR WITH THE WORST MOVIE CHOICES” but definitely not the worst actor, I’m questioning you ability to understand acting skills.

    • B

      Oct 05. 2012

      I completely agree with Rayan.

  2. You .Kno.Hu

    Oct 19. 2012

    Yes, I agree with you as well. His acting in the National Treasure series was pretty good.

  3. carolyn johnson

    Nov 04. 2012

    I also agree with Rayan. In fact, Nic Cage is and always has been my fav actor. I don’t think you have your facts straight. Oscar win for Leaving Las Vegas; Matchstick Men, fantastic and was overlooked; Lord of War; Bad Lt New Orleans; Family Man and on and on, etc.

  4. cjcupido

    Nov 04. 2012

    I also agree with Rayan. Nic Cage is my all time favorite. Get your facts straight please. Won Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas. Great in Matchstick Men but was totally overlooked. N Cage only seems to get coverage for his bad movies but never any good comments on his great movies.

  5. Akshay

    Dec 03. 2012

    Nicolas cage is my favourite actor.his acting is always different from u can say oscar winner actor a worst actor?

  6. confusedonlist

    Mar 02. 2013

    Your list consists of mainly action stars. Pretty easy targets as they are not known for serious emotional acting like in chick flicks. Action stars are hard to find nowadays, do you see many left? sure theres Bruce willis, jet li, etc, but they are all getting old, not many people can do what they do. You need to sit back and rethink your list.

  7. Helena

    Apr 19. 2013

    Wait…Eddie murphy? Are you 4 real? Man you are on acid!
    I think they all is great actors..Megan Fox sux…and Ashton, nja..he was good in butterfly effect! :)