Top 10 Most Successful Space Missions Ever

One of the main reasons why most of the developed countries are continuing to explore the outer world is for educational purposes. Most of these countries are equipped with high-tech space probes and rockets that mark in the history of science and astronomy. There are many assumptions that arise from the thoughts of many people. Is there are existing planets that are capable of inhabitants? The purpose of most space missions is to search for possible planet that may have the same composition as with earth in terms of gas and chemicals. It has something to do with learning and discovery. Below is the list of top 10 most successful space missions that have marked in the history.





Pioneer launch

Based in the history of astronomy, the Pioneer has unsuccessful space mission in 1958 but when the Pioneer 10 and 11 attempted to ignite, it has successfully reached the outer space in 1972 and 1973. Through the efforts of these space crafts, the world was astonished with the two existing giant planets namely Jupiter and Saturn. The Pioneer is the first space craft that has able to visit other planets from the solar system. They had also introduced to the mankind about the existence of other moons and new rings of other planets.




The Sputnik I and II

Another remarkable history in astronomy that overwhelmed the mankind is the Sputnik Space Crafts. It was the first satellite to take orbit revolving the planet earth. It was launched in USSR. The Sputnik 1 as the first orbit was created last October 4, 1957 until January 4, 1958. The Sputnik II as its successor has orbited the planet earth last November 3, 1957 until April 13, 1958.




Mercury – Atlas 6

The pride of United States of America who is Astronaut John Glenn known as the American Hero was the first person to orbit the planet earth for three consecutive episodes. He had orbited the earth last February 20, 1962. He was in the Friendship 7 which is a little capsule. Most of the American people were impressed with his mission and highly recognized by people all over the world because of his successful space mission.





The first ever recorded space craft mission to orbit the ringed planet Saturn. It was successfully launched last October 15, 1997 with is main objective it to investigate the ringed planet along with its moon “Titan” that provides light to Saturn. The space craft was designed and planned with the cooperation and coordination of the following space agencies: European Space Agency, Jet Propulsion Lab, and Italian Space Agency. With the efforts of these space agencies, the mission to planet Saturn was very successful.




Mars Global Surveyor

Another impressive space mission is the targeted red planet “Mars” as the name of the mission implies, it was launched last November 7, 1996 and it arrived in the red planet on 1997. During the 2 years mission along with 4 years extended mission, they have captured approximately 240,000 photos in the red planet “mars”. All of the taken photos were used as a part of the “Spirit and Opportunity” which is the other term used for this successful space mission.




Mars Rovers

The space mission that is brought by “the spirit and opportunity” to rove the planet mars. The Spirit which was launched last June 10, 2003 and followed by The Opportunity last July 7, 2003 aims to concentrate on the two sides of the red planet. It has approximately 90 days explorative mission and the space crafts reached its destination on 2004.




The Viking Program

Another pride of United States of America is its space mission to mars which is known to be the greatest running space mission in mars due to its approximately 6 years and 116 days of explorative mission in the red planet. The Viking 1 which took its soft landing in 1976 was followed by its successor Viking II that lasted until 1980. Both of these space crafts have impressed the mankind with its first colored picture captivated during the mission.




The Voyagers

Another product of technology modernization is the Voyagers Space Craft. This space mission aims to investigate further about the two giants (Saturn and Jupiter). The Voyager 1 left the earth last September 5, 1977 and its successor Voyager 2 started its space mission last August 20, 1977. The first voyager got only few days to settle its mission in Saturn but it was considered as a lifetime pride because of its magnificent space mission that is successful and provided us with sufficient knowledge about the two planets.




The Hubble

Last 24th day of April in 1990, this space mission was initiated. It was the Space Shuttle Discoveries that took charge of the launching of STS-31. It was first orbited the planet last December 1, 1993 and had its second follow-up mission last February 11, 1997. Along with the space mission, the craft was installed with infrared cameras to capture images, telescope insulation for more prescribe outlook, a modern spectrograph together with guidance censor. It is equipped with data recorder and a new computer to make it more modern. The final maintenance was established last 2009 and it is expected to orbit again on 2014.




Apollo Missions

The first men who have ever walked on the surface of the moon were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin Jr. These persons are very popular even with the pupils who are having their science class. The Apollo Missions is said to be the most successful space mission ever recorded. Although there are many speculations from other people who state that The Hubble or the Voyager could have taken the top spots. Nevertheless, it was the Apollo 13, 11, 8 and other that have provided us with a clear picture of the moon. Because of this mission, there are many people are inspired to become an astronaut and wanted to land on the moon surface as well. It is acknowledge being the best space mission ever.

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  1. Alan

    Dec 04. 2012

    Interesting that you have mostly US missions as if SU had not gotten the first man in space, the first women in space, first complete space station etc. You only mention sputnik the first artificial satellite.

  2. Spaceflightengineer

    Mar 06. 2013

    You list John Glenn’s Mercury mission correctly yet show artwork for the follow-on Mercury mission of Scott Carpenter’s, the nadir of the manned Mercury missions….