10 Most Expensive Homes For Sale In America

Home is one of the properties that every person should possess. A regular earner will settle with a home that has 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and etc. This resembles a normal and average house. Nevertheless, there are still people who are not contented with this. Can you imagine a house with entire amusement park and shopping mall? Well, if you do then see for yourself with these 10 most expensive homes for sale in America.





Beverly Hills Mansion

The Mansion at the Beverly Hills is worth $55,000,000.00. This mansion is located in California. It has a driveway of approximately 400 feet long cobblestone which entire cost another millions of dollar. This is inspired by a European design. Another real estate of the mansion includes the 2 acres gross area with gates for residents that characterized as the expert mixture of artistry decoration and European inspired architectural designs associated with the elusive French concept for its exterior designs. This mansion houses 8 major bedrooms and almost 13 bathrooms. It also has a room for the guest. The mansion is packed with garage and expanded court for motor and cars that can accommodate a total of 25 different vehicles.




Seven lakes Ranch

This marvelous house is one of the most prestigious ranches with cascading and flowing water in the entire state of Colorado. The seven lake ranch has an estimated cost of $55,000,000.00. This is the most appropriate outdoor residence for people who wished to stay in Colorado. It expands across the approximately 11,000 acres with various lakes, flowing river and clod streams that is ideal for fishing spots, hunting of beasts, shooting of skeet, riding a horse, mountain climbing, skiing, motorcycling, kayaking and a lot more. Ideal for adventurers because the entire ranch is full with amenities such as fitness gym and spa, lodge, cabins for visitors and even barns for the animals.




Water Mill Mansion

This $58,500,000.00 mansion is situated in Water Mill, NY. It is part of the real estate of Water Mill. It is one of the stunning houses in America that spread across the 4 acres as its gross area. It also has amenities for residents that spread across the 20,000 square feet that can surely add up to the travel experience of the tourist. It has 8 full rooms with 10 distinctive and unique comfort rooms. It also features a heart shaped twin staircase made of silver, gold, and bronze leaf. It also has a library for bookworms that are well ventilated and covered with a stained glass and to wrap it up, the entire library is covered with an exquisite 100 years old mantelpiece. It is packed with state-of-the-art amenities and sophisticated facilities. It is fully equipped with modern automated security system to assure the safety of the visitors.




Florida’s Tranquility

One of the most expensive houses in America is worth $65,000,000.00. This tranquility house in the state of Florida is composed of six different building compounds that rest above the 8 acres including the 172-feet oceanfront patios. You can also enjoy the scenery of the ocean while grilling your best steak outside. It has grilling area that connects with 50 feet size of pool, court for tennis players, 3 major bedrooms for coaches and equipped with car garage that can house almost 4 vehicles. It also has a carriage area that has 6 cars accommodated garage and a fitness gym. You can also enjoy the ocean cruising with its large yacht that can surely stun you with their amenities and natural views.




Webha Mansion

This $68,500,000.00 mansion is located in Beverly Hills California. The Mansion in Webha is part of the Palladian French Estate that is full of European concept interior designs. With its very elegant materials used for the house that includes onyx stones, marbles, limes, antique mirrors and other moldings that are inspired by French designs. These molding is made up of a stunning 24K gold. It has nine major bedrooms, thirteen separate bathrooms, court for the tennis player and a pool.




Madison Avenue Townhouse

This $72,000,000.00 townhouse is located in the state of New York. It is one of the rarest parts of the Real Estate of the Upper East Side. It is fully maintained and preserves most of the genuine architectural designs. It has almost twelve thousand square feet that composes ten bedrooms. Visitors can select from staircase or elevator when going up or down the house.





This $75,000,000.00 house in Florida is like a palace. The designs of the interior and exterior part of the house are dedicated to the royal resident of Louis the fourteenth. It is located in a 10 acres peninsula beside the shoreline of the Butler’s Lake. It is one of the best pieces of Real Estate of Windermere that has thirteen luxurious bedrooms, twenty-three separate bathrooms, three different pools, and field for baseball gamers, two courts for tennis players, hall, liquors cellar for wine enthusiast and a lot more.




Frank Woolworth Estate

This $90,000,000.00 estate is located in the state of New York. It is designed by the famous architecture C. Pierpont and H. Gilbert. The building was officially opened to public last 1916. It is one of the most expensive pieces of Real Estate of Manhattan. This 35 feet wide house is composed of 7 floors that has ten major bedrooms, twelve separate bathrooms, three distinctive kitchens, an elegant library for book lovers, fitness gym and many more amenities.




Nevada’s Tranquility

The $100,000,000 tranquility house is located in the state of Nevada. This 210 acres property lies beside the lake. It has eight distinctive infrastructures that include a total of 20,000 square feet as part of the main area. It is one of the highest rated houses of Real Estate of Zephyr Cove. It has a fitness gym, pavilion, art gallery, stable for horses, golf and basketball amenities and a lot more.




Spelling Manor

Finally the most expensive house in America has an estimate cost of $150,000,000.00 and it is located in the state of California. It has a French inspired design for its chateau. It rests within the 4 acres and features an elegant 3 –story building. It is enclosed with 56 homes that have 500 square feet each home and an attic with a total area of 17,000 square feet. It also has a salon for women and barbershops for men; the rooftop has an amazing garden with bowling arena. There are so many amenities that you can enjoy within this house.



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