10 Best Restaurants in New York City

New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. It is full of skyscraper building and you will find everything here. From luxurious cars to elegant clothing line are all available in the City with no sleep. The busy street of Manhattan to the amazing Madison Square can offer the best feature of the city. The magnificent Brooklyn Bridge which is famous because it is used as the venue for movies has been recognized in the whole country. Nevertheless, there are many refreshments, bars and restaurants that you can fancy with other people here in New York. For people who are looking for the best food in the city, I have listed here the 10 best restaurants that you can pay a visit for the satisfaction of your tummy. Guys feel free to relish the foods from the gastronomical site of New York City and the countdown of the best restaurants in New York City begins now.





The Scarpetta

If you are craving for Italian foods then this restaurant fits your mood. We all love Italian cuisine especially the creamy sauce of pasta, various delicious topping for pizza and other magnificent Italian foods. The Italian food is the favorite food of many people. It is because of the famous pasta and pizza flavors that can surely satisfy your taste buds.




Le Cirque Restaurant

Taking an advantage with French delicacies? Then this is the best place for your French experience. The restaurant is filled with artistry from the famous country of love. France. It serves very authentic and sumptuous French foods.
French foods are one of my favorite and I admire people who know how to speak French. Bon Appetite.




The Per Se

Have you ever stumbled in a restaurant full of French foods? I’m sure you do, but what if you are craving for American steak and end up going to a French restaurant? This will sound very disappointing. Don’t worry; the Per Se is a restaurant that offers mix culture foods of America and France. Aside from being a 3-star restaurant, they are also offering authentic foods and state-of-the-art amenities that can add up to your eating experience. The service is awesome.




Le Bernardin

Aiming to eat marine foods? Well you have it all here in Le Bernardin. This authentic restaurant is famous for its finest seafood cuisines. Once you tried eating their served dish, I’m sure that you will be asking for more visitations.
If you are looking for marine foods then this place is my bet. You can select from various seafood dishes. Lobster, oyster, salmon, caviar and other fishy stuffs are all available in the house.




Blue Water Grill

A restaurant and a bar in one roof are here. The Blue Water Grill is ideal for people who love to chill with their finest cocktails and you can also avail of their authentic dishes. Pay a visit here and I am sure that you will wish to come again. If you are a party goer and loves to challenge your taste buds with different flavors then this place is fit for your desire.




Nobu New York

Arigato! It means thank you in Japan. We all know that most of the Japanese foods are raw but nevertheless it is still edible to eat. The Nobu Restaurant in the City of New York offers genuine Japanese foods. If you are planning to eat Sashimi and other authenticated Japanese foods then this is the right place for you.





One of the most popular Restaurant in the City of New York and adored by most critics is the Bouley. The staffs are very hospitable and you can expect a lot of best service in this restaurant. You can select from the vast choices of foods plus the music arrangement that can add up to your eating experience will make sure that you will not regret to be here.




Jean Georges

This 4-star restaurant is at the heart of the City. With its finest and expert culinary chefs, you can expect the best of New York City and American food experience. You can relish all the traditional foods that are served hot and fresh for their customer. It is one of the New York’s prides.




Daniel Restaurant

If you have enough money to pay for authentic French dishes then come at Daniel Restaurant. This restaurant is included in the World’s best restaurant. You can have all the best foods originating from France that is made through the traditional method of cooking the food. If you are in New York and wants to feel the warmth of France, then feel free to taste of their food. It may be a little expensive but it’s worth your money.





The best in the City of New York is here. All the authentic dishes and the finest amenities in the city are in this roof. The expert chefs are making its best effort to provide you with a very genuine and mouth-watering food. You can choose from various selections of main course, appetizers, side dishes and dessert in their menu. Expect the best New York experience in Aureole. This blog post is presented to you by Mainline restaurants

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